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  1. T Sam

    how can such a talented person with so much beauty inside and out do something so horrible? do your work brother. it would be ashamed to lose everything because of a bad decision.

  2. Gee B

    Hes actually pretty, no diss, like he's pretty as…his music on ☝

  3. norrismoz

    love that beat!

  4. He Who Seeks

    This that life saving music

  5. giaFunk63


  6. Kyle Carlin

    He's the coolest dude you'll ever meet. Trust that. Get #dested.

  7. Rell Bro.

    His whole album is on the 100

  8. icemankilik

    thanks to macadelic i found this guy

  9. icemankilik

    loved this ep.

    cant wait for your next ep or album.

    needs to be more known

  10. Ayo A

    yeah it is

  11. antzcube

    Is this Iman Omari's official youtube channel?

  12. Charnetta Smith

    omg that would be sickkk

  13. Andry Razafintsalama

    Just please…The weeknd feat. Miguel feat. Iman Omari *_*

  14. jaethabeast

    all your music touches my soul. keep doin ya thang brah

  15. TheZackw419

    Imani Omari, you are incredibly unique. Aint nobody out even close to comparing

  16. Jack Romeo


  17. Lets Review it with Dee _

    why is he so sick!

  18. Ess Delaghetto

    I adore him….mmm

  19. iwd.

    I am in love with this song. ^_^

  20. Elijah Marcelo

    Dope beat

  21. 1chocolatequeen

    Nice tone

  22. junglesk8r

    LOL YES!

  23. Cooper

    UGhk I wish i could sing
    check me out tho =]

  24. 95dank

    THIS IS awesome! I would rather have this guy on the radio instead of justin beeeebor

  25. oddysee209

    Never that.mac miller sucks ass

  26. ctr36096

    he probably heard of iman omari through that song.

  27. oddysee209

    Man I came across this guy by listening to overdoz. This guy is amazing

  28. neekhalas

    who wtf why are we thanking Mac Miller??? get outta here top comment

  29. Rook TheSnook

    His VOICE > > >

  30. Weblessed2004


  31. Psi Sig

    that snare

  32. TheEvolutionOfShi

    amazing work.

  33. Endira Goodman


  34. Mike Smolds

    how is it that making bad music is now a way to make good music?

  35. iwd.

    Iman ❤ if you haven't downloaded "Energy" by him, you're missing out on some amazing music.

  36. Patrick Lynch

    Mac Miller is overrated? nigga you crayzee.

  37. 2KidFrankie

    Yeah, that's him… Also goes by Emon.

  38. richiesworld1

    Was this dude in that 'You're blowin it" vid by Overdoz?

  39. fullm3tal90

    Flying Lotus + Frank Ocean = Iman Omari

  40. ssandhu

    first when i see his clothes im yea back to the 90s cant wait till he explodes and i can say i was there

  41. WAYNEJR2

    Anybody Else Think Thats WorldPeace Jr….?

  42. Guwala Da Nele

    Handsome you are..

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