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  1. jack sun


  2. black M

    when are people in high positions going to learn that social media can destroy you

  3. Papaya826

    You don't go blabbering on certain issue which are sensitive in nature.

  4. 조선 통일한국바Clown

    Shameless Americans always interfere in the internal affairs of other countries and use double standards for non-Americans. Standard Anglo-Saxons

  5. alistar yu

    Things would be less complicated if it's not Morey, u can't just make dumb comments after getting millions from the Chinese market

  6. Tony Tony

    14-1 5 hairy ban watching NBA, now come to watch Tik tok

  7. Justin Randy

    The last NBA game in China ! at least for one~two years then till some Americans who in charge willing to say I'm sorry , maybe, fuxking speach freedom , so great when you talking about somebody's country !

  8. Dave Nguyen

    Chinese lives everywhere around The world ,but they are not like dictators China communist regime ,

  9. 周子晟

    The pigs of Zhina, mvp

  10. 道无涯

    The irrational patriotism of these Chinese children is very similar to Japan during World War II.

  11. fokboy

    just like the ban and unban of china rap hip hop… the CCP today has to give in to local public community wants and opinions or else they will suffer riots…

  12. wenzi3007 zhangchuanqi


  13. Lar M

    The Communist Party in China is losing power !

  14. Lar M

    These people in Shanghai are not afraid of being executed for defying the communist party ? They are brave.

  15. Jason Zheng

    If you show sympathy to violent Hongkong rioters and support their separatism ideology, by definition you are terrorists, and you are the enemy of Chinese people.

  16. Rico

    in hongkong those nba players would be thrown with bottles and booed if they supported beijing

  17. jenan savanath

    wow all the Chinese are backing the CCP, I've never seen anywhere where a government is backed by all of its people 100% !!! its like Saddam's Iraq

  18. Victor Chew

    Since you've bought your tickets before it happened go watch the game. Maybe the last 2 matches in China for now.

  19. Chinese Cannabis Party CCP

    At least there's no rioters who come to damage the stadium or hitting anyone who are trying to watch the game…

  20. Zhongxuan Hou

    Check the reaction of Dwight Howard and his FreePalestine. See any difference?🤔

  21. Longam Tomba

    Please say something about CIA secret using freedom of express …

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