In The Empire | Music Video | Phineas and Ferb | Disney XD

You have hated disagreements since I was young. This caused a lot of stress among my peers. When other children are hanging around, I will stand up …. [TagsToTranslate] t] cartoon

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  1. Marguns21

    She is the only one with a special helmet xD

  2. ShinyHunterKen

    So this is the back story of phasma?

  3. Quakex

    Surprised they didn’t make Baljeet an Inquisitor.

  4. ALMAS

    The last thing you're expecting from 2020's beginning – It's an HD version of "In The Empire"

  5. Alexander .F. King

    She has four fingers

  6. 1nforma tic facile

    In the Empire !!!! 😉

  7. rds2 Studios

    I like she and them have werid shape helmets

  8. Zazu

    G Neck Candace

  9. EuchreAirGaming

    "She failed that part of the exam four times."
    Hold up all her fingers.

  10. Marcustzb

    Still waiting for 'Candace vs. The Forces Of The Universe' movie

  11. Yoshi’s Flutter jump


  12. PIanetaryMary

    so… was there a particular reason why y'all uploaded this?

  13. demon queen

    Why do they only have 4 fingers

  14. Nabbit World 7447

    Cringe 😐😑

  15. Dwampy Fan

    Who’s hyped the new phineas & ferb movie!😄

  16. ajaxofFireplayz1

    Captain phasma

  17. iambeastboydude

    I thought this show was over?

  18. NathanBricks


  19. Neighborhood of Memes

    Origin of captain phasma

  20. Zatharos

    I know its a song but the “Mid level Darth” was too wrong just to ignore

  21. The Huntress

    WoAh- phineas and ferb content in 2020?
    Love this song- and I have the DVD for this. I rewatch it constantly- I miss this show.

  22. Naminski

    Disney’s Phineas and Ferb Star Wars is the best crossover special ever and by the way, Star Wars is from 20th Century-Fox and Lucasfilm Ltd.

  23. Erika myers

    She the best

  24. Lord Pichi

    Is this canon?

  25. Don Price

    So Candace is pro genocide, this is canon.

  26. Vince Madarang

    Hahaha look at that neck

  27. Catholic Conservative

    Their proportions make for odd armor.

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