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  1. Actor Kris Mavericko

    2:01 Look at James Harden's facial expressions as he's apologizing. Does it look like the expression of someone who understands what he's apologizing for? I'm an actor; I'm not saying this without having thought about it. BUT…I'm not blaming JH. For all we know he might just probably be bewildered, confused and annoyed that he's being put in a situation like this LOL. I mean no one would enjoy having to profusely apologize to urgently fight a fire when you'd rather be going about your own business and focus on just playing basketball. It's his "responsibility" to be there and help smoothen the issue but frankly, China's not gonna take his words seriously. China basketball fans still gonna love Harden and the Rockets though.

  2. Limmamikegamma60

    Turncoats deserve it.

  3. KL

    Today China said freedom and democray are their bottom line. Americans and NBA should not talk about democray in China in order to respect the Chinese. Tomorrow China may say they don't like NBA now and NBA becomes their bottom line. Are Americans gonna stop watching and talking about NBA to show respect?

  4. David Oh

    "we love everything their about". So I guess you love communism, slave and prison labor, and racial discrimination. Good to know.

  5. Kelli Kocha

    He shouldn’t apologize for standing up for freedom. Free Hong Kong 🇭🇰

  6. David Wong

    Too bad to NBA is free of speech to China is freedom of Mess🤕🤕🤣🤣🤣

  7. Kamwai Chan

    Best move by the Chinese companies, 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Manos Seferidis

    I'm sure they also love Kim, he's a big NBA fan too!

  9. Dennis Santos

    Fight for Freedom to destroy public properties…Fight for freedom to take away the right of the ordinary citizen to live a peaceful life….Fight for Freedom to suppress the real feeling of ordinary citizens who are against the mobs and rioters

  10. Fang Zhang

    Fight for freedom, Stand with 9-1-1!

  11. Longam Tomba

    Stand with HK terrorist .. not a good idea .

  12. Nofoaiga Leu

    You can talk your freedoms but at least have some wisdoms behind it.

  13. Nofoaiga Leu

    Have some respects for other countries

  14. jtr789310

    It time to ask yourself is a dollar worth more to you than your values you live your life.

  15. Kevin Huang

    Very good, Darryl. You have your free speech and we have our free will to dump your
    ass basketball….  In the free economic, customers’ voices are the voice from the “God” and the only voice.  Kiss your money good-byte, bitch.

  16. Gunloc26

    Hardin is so freaking illiterate…attended Arizona State. What a joke!

  17. david wong

    Your Wife is fat and your kids are ugly. So, are we still good to watch the NBA game at your house this weekend?

  18. zhmz888

    fool plays with fire and burn his hand…bad luck, if you believe repeated lias as if it is true..bad luck..

  19. Lloyd Billings

    F*** NBA all-star games & rest of them NWDO freak's from hell yeah it's sucks fluoride in the water spraying the skies poisoning everything " I'm not going to worry about Chinese until they're on our West coast and I'm not worrying about Russians till they're on our east coast play ball 😫

  20. Adam Davis

    China dont make us send Liangelo Ball over there.

  21. nycbball8

    China to the NBA; “shut up and dribble “🤫

  22. Elixir de Vie Singapore

    "Fight for freedom"…..this is the slogan which is being repeated time and time again. US and its cronies have uprooted many governments whom they deem as "un-democratic" in the pretext of protecting human rights. Whose human rights are they protecting? Are Libya and Iraq in better state today, than before US-led invasions? When they urge people to fight for freedom in HK, whose freedom do they refer to? The rioters' freedom to vandalize, damage, burn and loot? Their freedom to block roads and burn down MTR stations to prevent other citizens from going to work? What about freedom of non-rioters to carry on their normal lives? By any Western standard, these are despicable acts which are defined as crime. If the same riots had happened in a US city, the National Guard would have been sent in, all these criminals would been gunned down. Ferguson riot is one good example. But, interestingly, when what happened in Ferguson happens in China, this becomes pro-democracy movement which is supported by all Western nations! They want to protect human rights of the rioters and arsonists, who attack not only police but also normal HK residents who disagree with them! There are plenty of videos here on YouTube which show these criminals cum terrorists beating up other citizens. The West want to protect the human rights of these terrorists. But, what about human rights of other non-rioting residents who wish to carry on their lives as normal? It's the hypocrisy of the West who want to continue to dominate the world with their White Supremacy mentality. China is at fault, too, for flaunting her wealth and success. Now that the Western world realize that China is going to overtake everyone else and ends up as the largest economy in the world, they gang up to find a way to destroy China! Well done! Other nations of colored skin should take note of this. What happens in China today, could happen to you next! India and Indonesia will be next after they manage to bring down China, because India and Indonesia are projected by Standard Chartered to be the third and fourth largest economies in the world by 2030.

  23. Lusade Devron

    How dare you apologize for freedom of speech to a communist organ harvesting tyrannical government?

  24. Eazy

    New World Order

  25. Tommy Truong

    Damn who will pay the nba players

  26. Kin FR L

    if you want to support separatist movement, just get lost from China

  27. V Philip

    Houston Rockets rocketed its own arse 🤣🤣🤣

  28. Kin FR L

    free HK from what, supporting violent separatist movement and still want to make money, bunch of american hypocrites

  29. kee yong loh

    GM Morey is going to get sacked, or maybe already sacked. Next time use your head before u use your hand to twit. Never mix sports with politics, it's a deadly combination.

  30. Ryan Lajara

    LOL theres a lot of Chinese in this comment section praising communism and Youtube is even banned in their country 😂. SAVE HONGKONG! 🇭🇰

  31. None Yourbiddness

    Free Hong Kong 🇺🇸

  32. Kelvin Tang

    Now u can see how China use economic power within democracy country to go against democracy(1 value :freedom of speech)

  33. Ethan Allen

    Understand that China has every intention of pushing the world around and exploiting the world for their goals.
    China is drunk.
    Democrats: stop weakening the USA.

  34. gaoxiuyuan

    GM do not understand freedom means independence in chinese. It is why chinese so angry

  35. Edward C. Zhang

    My opinion: Western media are fake news. The defined it as "pro-democracy" protest while it is anti-government, anti-China, extremely-violent protest staged by the US for years.

    1. The bottom line is US CIA is meddling in Hong Kong affairs.

    2.Their media are spreading fake news on Hong Kong.

    3. Now, a rocket manger who is an American and who is not supposed to meddle in politics. and he started it first.

    4. Freedom of speech is a card played by Adam Silver. Some one is relating this to LeBron James' political view and NBA backs him with freedom of speech card.

    5. No one is against in Freedom of speech in China in this case. Freedom of speech will have some third-rail issues.

    6. Especially when Chinese people finds his view on Hong Kong is wrong. You shall find Hong Kong information through an objective media.

  36. John Dam

    This simple logic that any 3 years old child could understand.
    Imagine the way i speak and things i said about your house (ie hongkong) that you dont like, would i still be welcome to your house. I definitely would not jump up and down that i am not allowed in your house.
    Ask any kids why they dont get invited to a party.

  37. Luffer Booms

    Money makes more than just women get on their knees.

  38. Eric Williams

    Nuke china and the nba.

  39. John Dam

    Morey is absolutely right to have freedom of speech and expression. Now i am a Chinese fan and i dont like the way you speak and what you said, so get out of my house. It is perfectly logical.
    The sick yankies think they could go around piss on someone else well/pond and still expect wellcome.

  40. Alex Kataras

    if the NBA bows down to the pirate clan i'm done with it. Finished.

  41. Marktuyet

    NBA will sell out to China . Money means more to them than the people under suppression by the CCP . Sad . What kind of people are we when money is our GOD .

  42. Liu Daniel

    It is the same as racial discrimination for Chinese. So you know why Chinese backlash. Don't use your mind to guess another person.

  43. Jack Wen

    Not Rockets my friend, It's NBA which is suspended

  44. lil chris

    They're not saying it but the Chinese and the Chinese consulate want mr Morey fired

  45. Nikyyy WEED

    Stand With 9-1-1,fight for freedom.

  46. 刘培玉


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