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  1. Thumb Shanks

    Let me get this straight, NBA, Coaches, Players are all okay with a government killing its citizens who protest… That's okay! But they will stand up to Trump cuz… he brought jobs back? Economy is doing great? Pulls us out of wars? Huh… guess the NBA, coaches and players are all bought out and China now owns them talk about enslaving yourselves. Give me freedom or give me death means nothing to them.

  2. New Horizon

    NBA No Basketball Allowed 😂😭😂

  3. Engelbert Vincent

    China doesn't play! Today it's goodbye NBA tomorrow it's goodbye all US businesses in China as trade talks drag on. Pandora's box can't close now

  4. lynn allen

    Let them remove it all who cares what the commies do
    If our guys want to be paid & play for China
    Don’t let the basketball hit you in the back- Bye

  5. John Gabriel

    I live and work in China. Would anyone be interested in watching vlogs about daily life here as a foreigner?

  6. 14K Triad

    Money 💰 is KING 👑 NBA bow 🙇‍♀️ 🙇 at the feet🦶 of China 🇨🇳!!!

  7. jacob bunkley

    NBA leaders, please continue to stand your ground. Please do not sell out your dignity or our freedoms for the Chinese dollar. Remember that you were made in America and not in China. If they do not want to spawn to you, great! It is their loss. Partner with those companies that share your values.

  8. Marzan Worldwide

    In America you Kneel for politicss..
    In China you bow for Money!!!
    You are Weak

  9. min xu

    Most Chinese do not like Hong Kong's freedom fighters. When the NBA supports them, Chinese Netizens feel offended and boycott the NBA. You have your freedom of speech and I have my freedom to boycott it.

  10. Gorgon Cordo

    NBA should apologize and send China the Knicks.

  11. jeff jefferson

    China said "shut up and dribble". Sports and politics dont mix. Case closed Colin Kaepernick and lebron James

  12. Alexia Is On Fire

    So where are all the super woke players and coaches? This is a human rights issue, I thought they were brave outspoken revolutionaries 🤔

  13. Michael Schuler

    The NBA should take a knee to China

  14. Phebee White

    Morey's tweet is the most expensive tweet ever.

  15. Steffen Johansen

    Lmao. I thought the NBA was the woke league.

  16. tino v

    Sports have nothing to do with polics!!

  17. DEX

    Don't you love how these rich social justice warriors love to trash America and Americans, they have no problem with it at all, but boy say anything about their new cash cow and Katy bar the door, the NBA is as disgusting as the NFL!

  18. Po Izzy

    Corporate NBA are a bunch of communist cack sucking cowards! NO NBA in my house!!

  19. Mark Sanchez

    Wow! That's how fragile that relationship was. Maybe it was coming to an end already the straw that broke China's basketball court 😝😝😝

  20. Big Dog

    Fcuk China ! Trump 2020 and beyond !

  21. w5monkey

    Don't worry about the censorship, ethnic cleansing, live organ harvesting or Hong Kong. Just give us that market and slave labor to build our tv's and Nike sneakers.

  22. Dean Miao

    Stand with Islamic soldiers who stood up for their freedom in 9-11 to fight against US oppression. Fight for freedom. All Americans who hold the value of freedom should praise their effort and courage

  23. Snarky . Live

    China is the Donald Trump of countries and they are going to fail as a criminal state just the same. We're going to impeach Trump lawfully, and then people living in Kleptocracies like Russian and China are going to be calling for dictator heads.

  24. Ktkahghierm_quake 2020 Ddd Yyy

    god bless china the real sports r to work for the clmmon good and nlt prodjce nlthing anc get payed millions the old gime b-ballers like scottie pippen have figured this game out.

  25. Good old Blighty

    Ha ha ha China dictates your foreign policies,only the Chinese criminal communist government can get away with this crap

  26. kali koka

    Bowed to the evil China pressure. Qanon

  27. incendie21

    Don't bite the hand that feeds you. I'm not going to insult my boss because I know I won't be working there tomorrow.

  28. Surf Surfing

    Dear White people, this is what a person hurting your company looks like. Not Kapernick, whom Nike hired, and 49er fans still attending games when he played, but when we can see tangible evidence of bad business.

  29. Khult Herro

    American NBA fans supports Hong Kong! The NBA supports China. Don't buy NBA players' endorsed products, just watch the games, and only the playoff games, regular season games are ruined by the refs, UNWATCHABLE.

  30. Admiral Crunch

    China is an oppressive COMMUNIST country, and the LIBERALS love them.🤔

  31. EroticOnion23

    'Bakkabawl' is stupid anyway, Chinese should save their money for education instead

  32. kastuul YW

    If they love their country so much, there is CBA in China. Why watch NBA?
    It likes calling to support Hauwei and boycott iphone.
    China national basketball team is getting worse each year.

  33. rhomotor

    Watch how the NBA will cave in the coming days.

  34. Cesar Z

    For those people who are supporting HK, before that please go find and read what’s going on with HK itself, go read Joe Tsai’s open letter for all NBA fans

  35. L A

    Good riddance china. Bye 👋

  36. Mike Rivera

    Wheres are NBA social warriors looks like they were told to shut up and dribble.

  37. L A

    Nobody cares about china. They want to strongarm the world with their communism and human rights abuse and people have to shutup and put up with it. When you consumers understand the power of the purse things will change. Stop doing business with Chinese companies

  38. Square Bidnez

    Oh noo we wove rasketbal hea in shina oh no taky my lewon james and my reff cory and my antonahi ravis oh nooo

  39. NH 28

    Let’s see how long until the social conscious NBA takes to give in so it can carry on using slave labour to make its very expensive merch for peanuts over there.

  40. Knight for Right

    Fire the minneapolis mayor!!!!

  41. Mike Wagner

    Hope the NBA makes a stand for human rights!!!!!!!!

  42. Henry Niemi

    Banned banners binned. Bigots been busy. Basketball boring? Bull! Bring ball back!

  43. LaLaGrunge

    So we have Hollywood, NBA, American universities hosting “Confucius schools”(Chinese propaganda) and the American real estate market as appeasers of China.

    Which American institutions are next to fall over?

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