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  1. ankit

    Trade should be restricted with china,to narrow the trade deficit ,,utmost requirement now

  2. M Masseh S

    IMF and world bank reports says India has highest rate of bank fraud..more than USA, ARGENTINA, SPAIN,UK, PaKISTAN COMBINED

  3. Abe Liem

    Use your brain, if any, to think. Now, current,… Which products or quality products can india export to China? Not only talk… talk….talk Action is louder than words….

  4. RJ

    Indians have already realised the double standards of china. Even now people i know have bought usa or Koreans phone instead of chinese. And also many people have started boycotting the chinese goods.that is why they r frustrated and trying to make pakistan it's colony to force their goods to them at higher as we have started avoiding chinese goods.

  5. shana beg

    India will go down economically soon ! And the Hindus living in India will be wiped out soon also

  6. ashwani pandey

    Go to 0.48

  7. TheObserver

    India needs a tough taskmaster like S Jaishankar to negotiate trade and foreign policy.

  8. Varun reddy

    Stop trading low quality Chinese products that cannot be recycled

  9. Nik 13

    Xiaomi and those Chinese brand are stealing your Data. Those crappy software are dangerous

  10. Ali Ammo

    India is one evil devil

  11. 一条潜水的鱼

    China's trade policy must of course serve China's economy, do you want to serve the United States or India? If you feel that China's trade policy is unfair, you can not do business with China, no one forced you.

  12. Dhiren Sharma

    Best time to hit China, Its preoccupied with Trade War and Honk Kong Mass Protests. Hit them where it hurts and hurt them good.

  13. Nikhil Telharkar

    That's right he said


    Wow, 50+ startups in Singapore 🇸🇬. Need to support these in India 🇮🇳 too.

  15. virendra Bishnoi

    Get the fuck out these chainese motherfucker

  16. Shrikant Kumar

    Do something about China trade imbalances. Don't just say. Can't take Chinese bullying anymore.

    India should speak up and act against China. Xi's China can't be tolerated… He is turning out to be a hegemon.

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