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  1. utbe2002

    Ghatam is the pot instrument. It was played by Ghatam Karthik, who is a legend in his own right. There is also Vikku Vinayakram, the grand maestro of the Ghatam who has played along side many greats from East and West and has won numerous grammys.

  2. Ayisha Hishma

    This was so uncomfortable to watch

  3. Nithin Raj

    React to song Kanthaa by Masala Coffee…it's a fusion of both Indian and Western instruments

    Link: https://youtu.be/B3hlqsBY0Qk

  4. radhakrishnan thangraj

    Hey Guys, please react to Veena Srivani rehearsal video. Its amazing! You guys wont regret. Heres the link: https://youtu.be/MAcc9dGMgc0

  5. Ruchir Rai

    @ 0:53… did he spit?

  6. Pooja Panchal

    Loved your Reaction, love from India💗By the way it's my Birthday Today, can you please react to Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaye & Main Rahoon Ya na Rahoon the Lyrics are beautiful plzzz💗💗

  7. Akash Upadhyay

    I think the melody is lost somewhere in duelling, nothing to be said as awesome, which might be possible because of the lack of synchronisation. The melody flows effortlessly when artists subdued into each other.
    It is a very difficult task to perform a fusion of two different types of music, which can be aligned only by way of beats which is a common & foremost important thing in Indian as well as Western music, whether you've to perform usual or improvise. So here, in this case, I think there is a lack of a Genius arranger like Ustad Zakir Hussain Khan, who usually arrange the music (especially in fusion) in such a way that the audience enjoys the nuances of both kinds of music in an intermingled fashion. Shri Rakesh Chaurasia Ji (on flute) & Niladri Kumar ji (on sitar), both are an artist par excellence, both are undoubtedly exceptional artists, but unfortunately, audiences didn't get what they could because the theme of rhapsody was missing, the soul was scattered.

    PS: No disrespect to anyone else, just personal opinions

  8. Rupesh Gutti

    Even i am indian i didnt see this type of programms but now i saw a wonderful programm becoz of you guys thank you

  9. Devyn Kumar

    lasya by anoushka Shankar
    you'll love it
    please upvote this so that they see it

  10. sujani koya

    Who/what is Pedro that Tick refers to in the beginning?

  11. Shiva Ghurghure

    Plz react on maria maria from partner movie….😊😊

  12. Shailesh Pawar

    Check out this, She's Pandit Ravi Shankar's daughter.

  13. Ankush Gaikwad

    It is a pot

  14. Suparno Bhowmick

    The purcussion instrument is called Ghatam…

  15. Anjanakumar J


  16. Alphawolf Mobile

    Not dabar lol
    Darbar 😂
    Change the #dabar in the desc

  17. Borz tv

    make for the song https://youtu.be/AOgI1aflgBo

  18. Manav

    I'm sure you have visited many music concerts before and know that it can be enjoyed only when it's live

  19. Sagnik Paul

    "Gotta have more cowbell " that's a SNL reference. The Blue Oyster Cult song episode.

  20. Biscuit Tea

    React to the flautist here, Pt Rakesh Chaurasia, along with Ut Zakir Hussain

  21. Vivek Bagaria

    It is pot aka matka means clay pot. In which we keep drinking water.

  22. Saibal Bhattacharjee

    its rudra veena

  23. aditid25

    The music just overwhelms.

  24. Good

  25. aman sharma

    You should watch Govinda's crazy comedy scene


    Too many instruments.

  27. Sudesh Singh

    Wow! Rick has mastered the Indian head shake

  28. Manik Sharma

    https://youtu.be/v-icNVDbVLk Please react to Aigiri Nandini hip hop version by Brodha V. It has great music nad of course great rap. Please react to it. Please. Please. Please.

  29. Zoya Khazi

    "Rhythm n Bass – Wembley stadium – UK welcomes modi" is really good!!

  30. Komal Kadam

    You must watch this one. It's musically beautiful!

  31. sudheesh sk

    React to

  32. Awesome Day

    Its charukeshi raga based composition……❤️divine charukeshi…❤️❤️❤️

  33. Living Indian

    Please react to "minsara kanna" song from padayappa movie….it is a classical treatise…sure you will have a good time..rajinikanth movie…pleaseee..

  34. Yash Verma

    Indian instruments used are Sitar. Ghattam. Sarang and Bansuri

  35. Amrita Maitra

    You guys can react to 'Agam' band songs…As you enjoy this kind of fusions I'm sure you will enjoy Agam songs so much.

  36. Rafeeque EB

    https://youtu.be/QUxetheUJVs pls watch this👆 .. Thaikudam Bridge band … album song…👌👌👌👌

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