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  1. Deandre Ray

    Not a whole bunch of jump back with brissett wtf gtf out of here they will be last if luck doesn’t play they stand no chance

  2. Chris Ross

    Jacoby isn't a starting level qb, good backup but def not starter level

  3. Deon Nelson

    Colts will be fine

  4. Alexander The Great

    He may miss a couple games, but not a whole season. The colts will be fine while luck gets healed up, Brissett has a much better team around him then what he had in 2017. The schedule is definitely not going to do them any favors but this is a good team

  5. da314pcdon

    Andrew Luck's injury feels exactly like the situation in 2017. Mystery "injury", confusing timetable.. Owner giving most of the injury updates.

  6. 5jr. Racing

    Steelers will end up tied for last in the division with Cinn.!

  7. 5jr. Racing

    Yeah ..watch the Steelers implode!

  8. Albert Bates

    Just watch the steelers man!!!!

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