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  1. VICE News

    Watch Next: Inmates Are using VR As A Chance To Get Out Of Prison – https://youtu.be/s7hPBZxHvk4

  2. Sam Boyden

    Health care reform!

  3. Sam Boyden

    Jealousy is actually very common

  4. Sam Boyden

    It’s like some people have no rights at all

  5. Sam Boyden

    Damn that’s so sad

  6. Chris Calzone

    There is great injustice within our legal system, BUT…A lot of these guys are just working over whoever will listen, and applying their knowledge of mental health language to absolve themselves of responsibility.

  7. Fayke Vagabond

    Yeah also we treat addiction as a crime rather than a mental health issue…

  8. Love Lilly

    That was very brave of that man and the mental health class to say how he felt about his dad That kind of stuff really messes up a person you really need to have people behind you when you’re young to push you specially if you’re coming from a rough part of town and his prisons need rehabilitation , Because some people want to change so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt too bad it’s not like that in real life though CCA owns all of the prisons It’s a corporate money lottery for the 1%

  9. Anthony Gonzalez

    "he's actively suicidal" puts him in a single cell

  10. Paul M

    Everyone is mentally ill in someway if you believe in mental illness, people just need help at certain times in life , mental hospitals are basically prisons patients are locked in and drugs are forced on people even if they say no ,and they have no say in the dose a psychiatrist will have total autonomy on amount and frequency,mental hospitals are drugs first talk later , if mental health drugs made you feel good they would be sold on the street , the fact is they make you feel terrible in most cases ,

  11. Anon Wibble

    No disrespect by manic depression doesn't result in carefully planning a burglery. Sorry, but that's bullshit.

  12. Alan Arzate

    You know if everyone learned how to love and if everything was free we wouldn't have as many problem's

  13. Marina Melinda Rivera

    this absolutely breaks my heart, and YOU KNOW the private prisons are making bank off these mentally ill people on top of all the atrocities in our system that already exists WTF

  14. Marina Melinda Rivera

    AND CAN WE PLEASE stop demonizing addiction????

    firstly, if you TRULY believe in the freedom that applies to all things. including legalizing and regulating substances, I'm not saying that narcotics are good. But what I AM SAYING is that none violent drug offenses should not get someone jail time.

  15. Marina Melinda Rivera

    okay, maybe I'm alone in this thought but I don't think feeling 'anger resentment" when you see others better off is a claim to mental illness…is it shitty? yea, but we're all human, we all have feelings. I do believe in being supportive to the mentally ill but I'm also a believer that feelings things do not make you mentally ill. I think everyone has been there when they see others better off because of no matter who you are from whatever background that affects you in some sort of way I think.

  16. Marina Melinda Rivera

    He's probably the best sheriff ever

  17. 66 Guns

    Chicago is corrupt. The politicians have been keeping taxpayer money forever. How many mayors, police chiefs, etc have gone to prison? That's the issue. It's an epidemic in every major city.

  18. Shane Starrette

    This video gives me some hope in humanity.

  19. JoeyBLiberty B

    Its the radical left that in the 70s said all the mental hospitals were oppressing the mentally challenged and had to be shut down. And these ppl lost the only help they had. GREAT JOB LIBERALS ANOTHER GREAT VICTORY AGAINST THE EVIL PATRIARCHY OF OPPRESSION

  20. sarah p

    America scares me damn 🤦🏻‍♀️

  21. Jeff Becker

    Mental illness my ass! we raped and pillaged our way into the creation of the country itself! You know what this is? They create and exploit the voids in society, they've done it for generations to the point where we are now where the parents are fucked up and their kids end up fucked up too. people are born & raised in a fucked up society at this point

  22. Dabs With Tabs


  23. Nicki nurse

    Black man so honest…….so brave

  24. Nicki nurse

    Thou shalt not covet…..it's that easy to fix that mental illness. I teach that to 5 year olds. You can admire what people have….never cross over into WANTING what they have….that's coveting

  25. Alexander captures

    This is stupid

  26. Rand Zopyr

    When you include anxiety and depression it's easy to get numbers like 30% of all inmates suffering from "mental health disorders". But a large percent of the population suffers from this without treatment, yet they don't commit crimes.

    If you want to make mental health treatment part of the "corrections" system then that's fine, it's probably a good idea. But other than that, you lose most of your rights once you're convicted.

    The real travesty is mixing people accused of a crime in with those who have already been convicted. One group still has their rights while the other is only in jail to assure their appearance in court (hence the bail/bond system).

  27. Joel Cisneros

    I been a Correctional Officer for 5 years and Mental health and absent parents are the number one reasons people end up in prisons its really sad because both are preventative.

  28. JDC

    SsssssssssARGE!!! SARGE!!! HEY sergeant

  29. Isa Roz

    I felt so bad for those people. All they want is to have someone to love them and to feel loved. Just like that young man who said to the social worker he said 'everybody wants him to die' it made me feel so sad. 150.000$ bond set on that other young man for stealing jeans?! That is so ridiculous. There is a huge problem in the US. This is not human. People spend money to hear Beyoncé sing (for example) and she gets millions of dollars like other celebrities and celebrities spend thousands of dollars to purchase wedding rings instead of helping people and places such as these. My heart goes out for these people. Just makes me feel real sad.

  30. Dylan Emanuel

    Obamas fault

  31. POV NW

    Sink or swim.

  32. Cristina Puig

    And for this I m thankful to be Spanish

  33. Shelby Hetrick

    The system is made to keep people in the system.

  34. diegowaahere


  35. TJ

    FAKEFAKEFAKEFAKE…. Fake news like toxic buzzfeed

  36. TJ

    Ooooooooooooooh i didn't notice this was cancer vice….

  37. Derpette Love

    so many corrupt systems i can’t keep track

  38. Margaret Mosca

    Social workers have to work harder to house the homeless. We know they are short staff. They tell you that all the time. That’s not our problem!!!!

  39. Nick Gasparas

    Dart just has to ask his buddy madigan to stop skimming and start funding!

  40. time tested

    Down syndrome, Alzheimer's they can't help it they don't hurt anyonne, bipolares schizos they can help it and they do hurt others I don't put up with them because 100% of them stop when you push back, 100% of them stop when the authorities show up and they say I didn't threaten him. I have Asperger's it doesn't give me the right to go into mixed company and talk about anal sex and guerrilla warfare

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