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  1. TED-Ed

    To see where this all began, check out part one of the myth of the immortal white snake: http://bit.ly/WhiteSnakePartOne

  2. Aguasin Deric

    But doesn't white symbolizes death ,madness and red for metal

  3. choixhyunji

    yeah, bai su zhen gave birth by the baby falling from the sky.

  4. Oceax Deluxe


  5. Ellie Krueger

    I wish I could summon shrimp soldiers and crab generals

  6. Yadav Anushka

    I love Chinese Mythology, Chinese People, Chinese Names, Chinese Stuff, Chinese Zodiac, Chinese Hair, Chinese Eyes, Chinese Clothes CHINESE EVERYTHING!!!
    I visit China with my family at least once a year since it's such a beautiful and interesting place!!

  7. ejhodge17

    Need more myths pliz

  8. Weird Face

    "Let us accept a gift from a sinister and ominous person from whom almost estranged me with my wife"

  9. Nina Huang

    cocks gun Fa Hai where you at

  10. Sarah Wang

    Oml i would pay for ted ed to make a series of the monkey king, whos with me?

  11. T Pain

    So this guy banged a white snake..?

  12. T Pain

    His wife, BIA SOON CHIN

  13. DementionalVoices Channel

    What myths are there about fairys? ( just curious)

  14. Deepak Choudhary

    can you make video on indian mythology

  15. Rain 라켈

    plot twist: Fa Hai likes Xu Xian and is jealous of Bai Su Zhen

  16. Laila Fantauzzi

    HOLD UP! So….this man made your wife sick causing that to kill you, tries to kidnap you, AND harms your pregnant wife you still accept his gift bc of your wife accidentally killing people trying to save you………..okay that's cool I guess

  17. Ayan Upreti

    How babies are born : 1:48

  18. Huzefa Poonawala

    Loved it

  19. hagemaru96

    Even asian god takes exam


    Hi Ted ED i really like your channel and i love your myths videos, i need to know myths about a Book known as "Legends Of Kokan" . If you find Something about this Book please make a video. Thank you

  21. sasha shannon

    This is legend of white snake
    You should really watch it at Rakuten Viki 👍🏽💕

  22. Bamboo Panda

    What cute fuckery is this?

  23. John Bolton

    Trapping spirits in "magical" alms bowls?! There are other faiths from the fertile crescent that do the same thing when a given spirit falls out of grace with the gods and God…..

  24. xSuperPigx

    Uhh sure

  25. Polar Bear

    Imagine trying to beat the god of wisdom in an exam


    Can you have a video on myth of Atlas – the Greek Titan ?

  27. Alexis Garner

    Who else watched the Netflix retailing of the White snake after this🤔

  28. Alexis Garner

    Could you all do any myths from Africa? Specifically Sudan 🙂🙂

  29. Joshua J WARS

    Wow that’s awesome so what started out as a love story with death turned on it’s head to being a renewed love story 10/10.

  30. Gaby .G

    This monk needs some serious karma

  31. Margarita SIbileva

    Beautiful story

  32. Angel Nam

    I wish you would also do Filipino myths. They're quite interesting too.

  33. Emilio Navales

    whenever i see Fa Hai i think of Aang

  34. david fowler

    I dont think this actually happened

  35. Raven von Frankenstein

    The only thing I got out of this was the dude impregnated a snake.

  36. A. Sev

    That's what happens when self-righteous religious man got involved

  37. The Lister

    1000th comment

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