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  1. It's Private

    Traitors to America, to our freedoms and the soldiers that fought for everything that we stand for. Facts. Live in China, go and see

  2. Contractor Groom Lake Road

    Boycott NBA! NBA becomes the another mouthpiece of Chinese Communist Party. US citizens must dump their products! Do not buy any tickets at all. Many citizens are not aware of CCP set up many private companies to raise capital for the CCP's military expansion.

  3. David Stone

    Some real Facts on hypocrite NBA and LeBron James – they support communism they don’t believe in free speech and freedom. The only thing they believe in is the all mighty $dollar$ in their pocket books and bank accounts. Can you say spineless hypocrites. Boycott the NBA and everything they try to sell from basketball shoes to sports jerseys.

  4. yukin1990

    Lebron been always vocal about the human right for the Black people or minority !! And He said he more than the athlete, but when his money is on line, people would be able expect he speak out and in fact he said Morey tweet about HK is nobody business, uninformed and uneducated. Turning his own words against himself!!

  5. pigjubby1

    Black NBA players traded one set of chains for another. They put their shackles of slavery back on, this time with Chinese Communist money. Sold out the yellow man for money. Their new masters are Chinese money.

  6. GatoKa

    This is why America – although not perfect – is still a pretty damn good place to live.

  7. Я Смерть

    Should be renamed to the CBA Chinese Basketball Association.

  8. Islamlies Islamlie

    Screw china and the nba, they are both controlled by greedy stupid people.

  9. King Cecil

    Free Catalonia

  10. Naruto Uzumaki

    Dude why cant the nba loss that amount of money they can take it back when the nba become more tough

  11. GamingGuru 579

    I just hope the Utah Jazz don’t care if they lose China.

  12. GamingGuru 579

    Why Yao Ming you were such a good player. And you leave the people who made you famous. I’m sad but that’s China for ya.

  13. Mary Aldaco

    I support All Human Life,

  14. Mary Aldaco

    Pretty SAD NBA. I don’t care what religion the people in Hong Kong Are—— their life is the issue. Human life.

  15. j Garnhum

    We in america got r own shit to deal with not china china is not america or the nbas problem if they want to go back an watch ping pong so be it

  16. Y2kSd4


  17. pokenei

    You can't explain this without explaining western mainstream fake news and hypocracy.

  18. Angela Ray

    All this is bullshit!!

  19. Philip Hernandez

    I still understand it.🤷🏾‍♂️

  20. SEAN PAN

    America needed to be educated about HK with FACTS based on hundreds of available Video footage.

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