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  1. TrundleTheGreat

    Love them saying just because you didn’t know what was going on a couple weeks ago you can’t protests something that’s obviously horrible. Great job guys

  2. Sm Chan

    " Long life 911! 911is glorious! Down with US imperialism ! ". How do you feel , my American friends ? Offend other people is a issue of morality, not an issue of freedom of speech!!!

  3. christopher langston

    Such a growing number of americans don't value freedom any longer.

  4. Scot Fretwell

    Disgusting how these people will take a knee because America is supposedly so bad, but these very same people will bend the knee to kiss china’s ass.

  5. dexter 123

    funny how china didn't do anything when trump shit on them during the election. Americans got balls. Jews are all about money, money, and money.

  6. frederick galloway

    Hell, China banned Winnie the Pooh because someone made a meme with a certain elected official that looks like him. 😂😂😂😂.

    Don’t not let China control what happens in America. If they are in their feelings, let them.

  7. Asso280

    Yao Ming= CCP

  8. Death

    I’ve decided to start creating more hate & false info on the internet now.

    Mostly because it’s fun & there’s no way both countries are going to find a middle ground.

    Who’s with me?

  9. Yooper eh?

    The nba should pull out and spend the time and energy spreading the nba to Europe and Japan and etc. not one nation in the world has a product comparable to the nba. And if Darrel loses his Job because he said something all Americans should believe I’m gonna puke.

  10. Orlando Tocano

    So the tweet didnt happen in China they dont have a right to say anything, these dudes are acting like gangsters now if they that ballsy kick Silver LeBron AD everybody out of their country when they arrive and make everyone cancel their business deals!!

  11. RJ C

    Sure people have the right to say what they want, but you may not want people to hear what you have to say.

  12. Ven Cheock

    Wisdom Lesson: In NBA business world, Mind your own business !

  13. zenray

    Come on China why so serious? People in US are fake and really don’t care what’s happening in other places.

  14. 0 1

    NBA was force Rockets to fire Daryl Morey! Dude, you playing with other people's money!
    Does this idiot have any cultural and historical competence about China and Hong Kong?!!! Does this idiot have any idea of China's long standing suspicion and fear of U.S. companies and organizations influencing their internal affairs?! Shut up and GM! There are plenty of issues in America that you can be a part of Daryl, and can actually do something about! China is not a democratic regime, so fighting through nonviolent protest won't get shit down.

  15. Desmond Cheah

    No apology. Bring home freedom of speech. Chinese values,? Speak at right time, place n to whom.


    Its called USURY/Capitalism. You make money your king, money will rule you. When money rules you those that create it have all the power. USURY has been banned many times through out history & it needs to be banned again. USURY is not charging to much interest, its charging interest at all, manipulating currencies & devaluing labor to make profit off others labor while doing no labor yourself. Its making money from money. Raw labor can not be manipulated. National Socialism is the way to fix this. You often "Its the smart people that get rich off USURY/Capitalism". This is a lie, its not the smart, its the greedy & selfish that profit off other peoples labor & fortunes or misfortunes.

  17. Liver Medic

    NBA: We must change America's values. But China profiting from organ trafficking, killing democrat protestors, stealing intellectual property & military technology is perfectly ok. Please keep sending us $$$.

  18. Pohim TAM

    this guy on the left is as ignorant as …an average american, brainwashed with a superiority complex. Boy, check your own country's sh!t before even talking about other people's mess..
    American idea of democracy is not the world's value, many countries do not agree with your laws and ideals. I wouldn't feel safe living in a country where guns and murders are common thing and yet, you think it's normal. Not having an universal healthcare system is normal for you guys, not for me. Living in debts your entire life is normal, not for me.
    Why try so hard to impose your ideals to other countries? Is it because your Imperalism era is headng to its end and that without controlling the world by force, countries, people and business will stop using dollars and thus, no more $$ so no more america?

  19. Brian Huckaby

    Millions of Chinese offended? I don’t buy it. Their government is tyrannical and their people know better than to speak up

  20. YY S

    this one is nice. thank you for telling the view of CCTV about this affair. most America media wont do such things.

  21. josh kiepper

    As a fan I could care less about the popularity of nba in China does nothing for impact us Americans in any way other then seeing. Are favorite stars make millions in China as I c on social media other then that don’t care. Fuck Chinese government! Comi bastards

  22. chaolin xing

    you can be fake woke all you want. that stuff doesnt fly in china lol

  23. Kh2 ESP

    Freedom of speech my butt, it is nothing more than late night tv shows

  24. SEAN PAN

    Moray is running for office.

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