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  1. Jae Oppa

    very interesting!

  2. To Dimensions

    Second time watching it. “You can train very algorithm without explicitly writing rules…leading to new discoveries.” The significance is far beyond prediction. Moving and freeing our society from the Paper Age. (e.g., the patients can be the center of their decision by activating the comprehensive data and unlock learning and healing power.) Thank you!

  3. Roger Junior

    There's a huge insect walking on the panel at 19:09……. scary……..

  4. Tom Ridey

    Are robots going to takeover doctors in the near future?

  5. Hannah Humphreys

    Introduction to Machine Learning for Data Science

    > The Impacts Machine Learning and Data Science is having on society.
    >To know what problems Machine Learning can solve, and how the Machine Learning Process works.

    #MachineLearning #DataScience


  6. vallab

    Besides being able to make far accurate and better diagnostics than the human doctors; the greatest advantage of Artificial Intelligence over the human doctors that even the medical ethics people don’t want to talk is that the AI will completely do away the negligence, inefficiency and the biased treatment that many irresponsible doctor subject their patients in, costing them dearly. The doctors even can treat revengefully or psychopathically and get away even with murder. AI doctors are the only hope against such unscrupulous health care system. By the way, my special interest in the progress of AI in the following: https://bit.ly/2Id6eL0, http://bit.ly/2eARyEx http://bit.ly/2nR4MAP

  7. Chris Sanders

    Really like Verily's ambitious goals for its clinical programs. Data is key here in moving people to action in making informed decisions about their health and moving them to action. It'll be interesting as we start getting this "under the hood" glimpse of what's happening in our own bodies and how the seemingly insignificant decisions we make every day are impacting our biology in the long-run!

  8. John Doe

    Great talk, keep up the Good work!

  9. Santiago Sánchez

    Why don't you run a sugar tests in india, in regular primary healthcare settings under regular screenings, and treat diabetes before DR appears? It's not a problem of shortagr in eye doctors then, but a problem of diabetic screening!

  10. Boiled Frog

    no,they gonna take my jobs! wait for me pls

  11. Ramesh Mathad

    How far women are intelligent in these topics….??

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