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  1. DoYourBest

    Genius Lyrics . <3

  2. Chip Gibbons

    Very well done!

  3. mrimperfectfilmmaker

    How did you prevent noise? I used the iPad for a video and had lots of noise.


    please do an acapella

  5. ethan palmertree

    Why the hell isn't she famous??

  6. Kayla Lindke

    I am SO freaking PROUD of you & inspired by your music! Keep shining your light and showing the world what beauty and genuineness really is.

  7. eddysthename

    @cwierts I'm sorry if I have done something to you to provoke such hurtful words. I wish the best for you.

  8. Maggie Talbert

    @cwierts Only positivity please! This isn't put up here for you to bash!

  9. Matthew Lundstrom

    @JaredErickson Why would I go out and do an iPad music video after dissing iPad music video's for the last paragraph?

  10. Rafał Jagodzinski

    cudo….. troszkę trąci nostalgią – przejścia między kanałami – cudo z lat C64 czy AMIGA czy ITALO… lubie to…………….. tego teraz juz nie ma ;(

  11. BillyRunsShow

    Its a great experiment. I wonder if the iPad 3 will have more manual control. @ the band: pretty dope song.

  12. DeUneque📺TV

    HOT iPad Sales should soar plus other artist will follow~

  13. Olivia Castanon


  14. kateracme

    kurwa co za gówno! wstyyyyyyd :/

  15. Victor Martino

    Lyrics, pleeeeeease

  16. zefrantz

    Vert good stuff. Great work! Thé

  17. eddysthename

    @TheGeekCoolGuy as of today it is now available on itunes 😉

  18. womplestilskin

    i think the vimeo version looks a little better.

  19. Chris Coleman

    Way to go team Erikson! Glad I got to be a small part of such a cool project y'all rock!

  20. András Kocsis

    @WeAreBomb same here

  21. Dragonstorm787

    This song isn't quite in my level of musical taste (no offense intended of course)…Though I had to see this video with my own eyes. Was this REALLY shot with 4 iPad 2s?! I have to say that I am impressed, and since I've been involved with filmmaking (doing student films and whatnot) this is certainly an interesting example on what can be achieved with cameras outside the traditional film/digital variety.
    Nice job!

  22. puchitorivera

    I got to support this…..songs great

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