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  1. 《Tomer Barber》

    Who No.12 China

  2. George C

    还不如解散了算了 和中国男足一样废物 阴盛阳衰

  3. Quântico


  4. planetzito

    China was no match for Iran. Clean sweep!

  5. Sirena M

    Clasificó IRAN a las olimpiadas ???

  6. vatan sever

    Tebrikler irana :)))

  7. Bernardo Tepace Channel

    Height is might. Always remember that China. Just like your women's team.

  8. Michaellas Felixis

    I’m from China, congratulations to Iran 🇨🇳🇮🇷

  9. CY Kao


  10. rahmat efendi

    Go iran.good job. I love you

  11. Akane :D

    Come on Iran, you have to go to Olympics!!! 😁😍

  12. N. Bekar

    İran team is good and strong team 👍🏻💪💪 good played

  13. Natureza Sagrada

    A defesa da China é muito ruim, se um dia melhorarem o fundo, pode ser que cheguem mais longe

  14. Team Melli Official

    Welcome back to Team Melli Mr "Shahram Mahmoudi"… You are Still the Best 💪🇮🇷 بازگشتتان به تیم ملی رو خوش آمد میگیم آقای شهرام محمودی … شما نشون دادی هنوز هم دود از کنده بلند میشه

  15. Original Ideas

    both play very well. but Iran is obviously in higher level.

  16. Alexan Gimenez

    Congratulation irán❤❤❤

  17. queenbey cheska hipolito

    iranian ❤💙💚💜💛

  18. Marjan Hamidy

    Seyed can play the role of an outside hitter too😂😍😜7:10


    im from iran its just game no matter who won iran and chine are good friends

  20. Hen Vene

    El equipo chino femenino es por paliza mejor que el chino masculino.

  21. 이동영

    Poo vs Pee

  22. Andy Lee


  23. Miss Persia

    2:45 that save

  24. Syantik Shinta

    In Asia, Iran,Japan,China,Australia😀😁😀

  25. Miss Persia

    Thanks for ur videos , love from iran ^^

  26. Errol Jarogon

    Nice try China. 😂

  27. Hosein Rouzie

    congrats to iran but it is far from the usual iran we saw earlier

  28. de deguodetu


  29. Hulagu Mongke

    1.6 billion communist v 82 million muslim China lost to Great Persia in football, basketball, Volleyball, handball, waterpolo, tennis,
    badminton and ping pong one day maybe

  30. Fred Dabaghian

    دلمون تنگ شده بود واسه تیم ملی اصلی

  31. Jose bazu

    Gafour, Gahemi?

  32. blake D

    Fun match to watch, the crowd was definitely into it which is always fun to hear!

  33. iro

    Marouf dumps are spectacular

  34. André Menezes

    Go Iran, as a brazilian supporter, I have to say, I hope Iran make USA regrets that terrorist act against your people. 🇧🇷

  35. Ari Dab

    EZ PZ

  36. Neko Lomboy

    Now that Australia is out, they have a very big chance

  37. Chris Romarate

    Marouf ♥️

  38. Alex Livingstone

    You can get it if you really war,
    you can get IT if you really want


  39. sanjay a p p

    Beards vs Beardless

  40. #Persian Gulf

    Lion 🦁 vs 🐲 Dragon !

  41. dlfang


  42. Pahlavi Kingdom

    IRAN for Olympic of Tokyo ✌🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷

  43. skytor garcia

    famewhores 👽👽👽👽👻👻👻👻🤑🤑🤑😲😲

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