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  1. Aneer J

    Am in toilet right now..with much effort am typing this.am hving severe pain and been toilet 4 times n now its a watery stool..


    1:41 it needs to do that

  3. Cinccino

    For some reason before I had the poo my gut tickled in a bad way.

  4. Divya Khanna

    I don't have any pain or discomfort, just 2-3 bowel moments a day after I got a stomach infection month ago…is it ibs?

  5. Shari byrd

    Who else sitting on the toilet watching this 🤔🥴 welp, lemme wipe 😩

  6. Daily Potato :3

    I was born with IBS

  7. Gigan Da thirsty watermelon

    I swear my bowel is rolling the dice like mad sometimes it's fine sometimes it's an absolute shitfest that makes my life hell usually the latter in most cases

  8. El Mirador

    I'm watching this video from the toilet

  9. Sayooj sv

    We all are here with a most disturbing thing in our life…. this ibs ruined our life…

  10. John Doe

    Bentyl is a part of my life. SMH. Every new medicine, food or stressor gives me diarrhea

  11. Lawrence Kazama

    Thank God that I don’t feel alone

  12. Tiffany

    Glad to know it's other's out there and not just me.

  13. Gerardo

    What pisses me off the most is when I'm out and I have to go to the bathroom like 500 times it's so embarrassing

  14. LeO _O

    I kinda have diarrhea just don't know when it will happen even worst I'm going to school and the school bathroom isn't the best

  15. shook.

    in 2016 I had a tiny IBS- me and my little sister so we were on the toilet every 2 minute. No joke, it sucks and I’m surprised we didn’t get hemroids

  16. Ashiqur Rahman

    I'm suffering from this fucking disease. My life is no less than hell now. Sometimes I feel like punching my stomach. Before exams, meeting I feel the urge to go to bathroom. Before going out with my friends I need to go to bathroom 6-7 times. Its just fucking irritating. After every meal I've to go. I wish there was a cure.

  17. TicciToby

    It gets worse when my mental health goes done or when my anxiety is being a bitch,I’ve been sitting on the toilet since I got home from school 🙂 gotta love it

  18. J Flappkins

    my doctor prescribed every one of those types of meds and none worked. You wanna know what did work? WEED

  19. True care health point

    If somebody suffering from this disease please contact me on 7503455591 Dr naveen from Delhi I have good treatment of ibs

  20. Omne Obstat

    i dont understand my stomach at all. eat a whole pizza and a couple cheeseburgers = constipated. eat plain white rice = explosive shits

  21. Gregory Kosins

    I'm as loose as creamed corn!
    —Kosmo Kramer

  22. athira lal

    Very wonderful video …..clearly understood

  23. Connor Jameson

    I love to feel those hunks fly outta me after a good dose of laxatives.

  24. Amritpal singh

    You have given many good home remedies to avoid this problem. I too had this problem and I started my treatment with Planet Ayurveda. Now I am fine. So, if anyone is facing such kind of problem or any other health-related problem. You should go to Planet Ayurveda.

  25. Oofer Doofer

    I had to come home from school today. I think this might be what I have. I’m sitting in the toilet right now. My mom has been making rice, but I can’t get up, it keeps coming out and I’m too uncomfortable to try and get up.
    Edit: I got out and I’m eating my rice but it hurts kind of. My friends say that they wish they could be like me and miss school all the time. (I missed maybe most of the 1st month of school). They don’t wanna be like me it’s so irritating and uncomfortable

  26. Amol Dighe

    Do Yoga /Exercise stuff to control IBS

  27. Israel Gabriel

    Lectins* not sections

  28. Israel Gabriel

    Here's the answer to your problems, start eating okra every day with every meal, a generous portion, I'll explain why but also eat mushrooms every day, mushrooms are prebiotic, ok okra has stuff in it that coats your intestines and stops sections from affecting your intestines, to summarize EAT MUSHROOMS AND OKRA EVERY DAY CANT STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT IT IS

  29. Baby Yoda

    I have this thing where every time I eat a certain food, my stomach will hurt or get messed up, this started since November 2019, and is still going on, I’ve been crying because I’ve been begging it to stop. My life changed too much, I barely eat candy and other junks and weigh 78 when I’m 11. 😰

  30. seinfan

    Stop eating fiber. Eat more natutal raised meats.

  31. Petunia Darling

    The pain comes in phases for days and I think it’s always going to be this way then for a few days it’s not too bad I can eat anything and I assume I don’t have to go to the dr anymore and it’s a just a nonstop cycle. Stress is something I’m having to learn to manage for my own guts sake, thank the THC lords or I could try hypnotherapy🤔

  32. Haque

    There are a few suggestions for treating heartburn naturally

    Ensure you consume plenty of water.

    cut down on tomato rich dishes eg pizza and pasta

    Avoid citrus fruit eg lemons, oranges

    cut down on dairy products such as ice cream, sour cream and cottage cheese

    (I learned these and why they work from Alinn heartburn relief website )

  33. jani rk

    here's a few tips for reducing heartburn at home
    Ensure you drink enough water.
    Avoid tomato rich dishes eg pizza and pasta
    Avoid French fries and mashed potatoes
    Avoid smoking, drinking alchol or caffeinated drinks
    (I discovered these and the reasons they work on Alinn Heartburn Relief website )

  34. RMD25

    I was diagnosted with this 2 days ago. I can’t believe 2 months ago I had a completely normal life. This is chronic. I feel my life ruined.

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