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  1. Mary Poole

    Grass Fed Grass Finished Biodynamic Regenerative Meat--I drink RAW A2 Milk—Not Pasteurized /homogenized A2 Milk—Not A1 Milk with the dangerous oipoid BCM-7—I use coconut oil and glyphosate residue free Avacado Oil–

  2. Mary Poole

    We need Cholesterol -What we do not want is Small Dense Lipoprotein—-I now take K2-7—-I have calcified aorta—calcified arteries from too much calcium in soft tissues—blood thinners cause buildup of calcium in soft tissues–

  3. Mary Poole

    Get the corrupt Monsanto Farming OUT—We need Biodynamic Regenerative Farming—-Monsanto/Bayer Roundup—agent orange–DDT–Glyphosate etc.—Vegans and Vegetarians are Deficient in B-Vitamins—!!!

  4. Purple Carrot

    Eating raw sprouts as a staple food sounds like not worth living. It's not edible raw. Grains and beans are supposed to be cooked.

  5. kcuf7

    WTF do we eat?

  6. Natural Man

    Eating saturated fat and cholesterol absolutely raises blood cholesterol. That was proven long long ago and stands.

  7. michael onello

    Very Interesting, thank you..! Instagram – mikewakethefoodup

  8. Sugarplum K

    Good to hear from you Anna Maria. Thank you.

  9. Sweet Sunshine

    Dr Clement is a beautiful and wise female elder in the natural health arena.
    I feel that her natural beauty could be enhanced and therefore her message more resonant, were she to adopt a more natural hair colour for her age, ie softer blond and grey rather than the harsh solid brown that does complement her facial complexion and harshens her features.
    Equally her jacket in a solid dark colour is a distraction.

  10. yolanda jerginson

    False dichotomy. A human can do well without either.

  11. ReallyOrganic

    Her eyes look so sunken in, it worries me. She needs to eat some fish eggs or heavy cream or chicken eggs or goat cheese. Its a sad state of affairs on the planet that we have to eat animal products, but we don't have to go beyond vegetarian to be healthy. Super sunken eyes like Anna's are a sign of poor health.

  12. James Young

    Go Vegan!

  13. Manuel E. Millan

    you don't need omegas 3 in moderation

  14. Manuel E. Millan

    acidify or die!

  15. Manuel E. Millan

    is that make up?

  16. Citizenthirteen

    "The human body body was not designed to give you problems, it was designed to heal" Thank you Anna Marie Clement ! I get something of value from every one of these videos and that is a wonderful profound statement . From a man whose family for generations has been decimated by eating meat, dairy and eggs I agree with you 100%. How many wasted years of pain and suffering and early painful deaths will we still suffer before the truth is believed by everyone ?

  17. Washington Strong arm

    Eat Meat, vegetables and grains !

  18. Marcos Ross

    It's a great story.
    Some day a wise guy will make a true story out of it all. A comedy.
    Dr says eat plant based foods. But don't eat potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers. There bad for your pains and arthritis.
    Don't eat grains there only for animals. Don't eat fruit, very high in sugars, you need to mind your pre-diabetes.
    Cabbage family drives up your copper levels, which drives your pains mad.
    Well for ethical reasons you shouldn't eat any thing healthy by way of food.
    Here have some gmo plant based beef.
    A! At last some real safe man made food.
    Feck all these vegans for messing up the real health issues with their ethical animal rights.

  19. Drewtazy

    75% of the people that present to the Emergency Room with a fatal heart attack have normal cholesterol. FACT.

  20. Drewtazy

    Why do humans have canine teeth? GMO grains are killing the good bacteria in our intestines.

  21. Ronald Freitas

    This lady is a f**** idiot. Looks like warmed-over death.

  22. Terry Moore

    Humans are carnivores always have been ever since the introduction of grains people have become lll with all kinds of disorders !

  23. Audio Pervert

    None … Since theres thousands of other things to eat

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