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  1. BOOM HD 2013

    China under the rule of Xi Jingping is stable and prosperous,never mind that "democracy" propaganda that the west always likes to convey.

  2. Sebastian Ortega

    End it does not belong in the world economy if they are going to continue to behave like this

  3. shen liu

    I clicked X when i saw Gordon chang ,it make me sick

  4. BJ700

    Chinese bio weapon against Taiwan?

  5. BJ700

    They are just greedy and evil. They have enough land on the mainland.. They should fcuk off.

  6. Obie Noneqov


  7. James Chen

    Imagine the continental US is controlled by a communist regime (People's USA) and the republic government (USA) had to retreat to Hawaii. 

    70 years passed. 

    One group of people says we should still keep the culture and economic ties and wait for political reforms on the other side, then, work towards reunification. In the meantime, we should try to show them the benefits of democracy, resolve issues via diplomacy and still keep the American / USA identity. 

    Another group of people says forget about USA and bring back democracy to the mainland. We just want to be Hawaiians. To forge a separate identity, we should purge traditional US cultures (eg. Thanksgiving.), treat US history as foreign history, treat the republic government as invaders, limit all exchanges and take an aggressive anti-US stance. You will never see the star-spangled banner in their rallies.

    Of course, there are other policy differences ex. energy, trade, and education. But identity politics dominates virtually every election.

    Now the commies from the mainland show more willingness to work with the candidate from the first group. Does that automatically make them the Manchurian party? They have also clearly communicated against the "One Country Two System" model. 

    Western media tends to favor the party in TW who takes a more aggressive anti-China stance. But the Pro- Beijing vs Pro-democracy narrative is simply inaccurate. Continuing this kind of mis-information is damaging to the democratic process and amounts to future election interference.   

    Now, since this is Fox, I would say it's like saying because Russia favors Trump, therefore, Trump was the Pro-Russian candidate.

  8. Tsang Lee Chang-Webb

    Taiwanese citizens voted to re-elect the president for the second term. It’s ridiculous to think that the red-China could influence Taiwan election. It’s ironic though that KMT is (sort of) in kaboom with communist China (CCP).

  9. BooBoo Bear

    what china is doing is nothing new. the left owns most of the media

  10. ovi

    Congratulations Taiwan and Hong Kong Boycott winnie the poohs China

  11. Zhao Cc

    You are so care about our country.

  12. Matthew Currie

    They learn well from Trump

  13. Ronnie Baker

    Who believes anything this moron says. Lou is so racist he was fired several times because he hates Mexicans so much that is all he talked about for years. Anyone slow enough to believe Lou Dobbs and or trump is an idiot

  14. Jammy joe

    kind of likev AIPAC a foreign entity infiiltrating usa interests, those people are the worst.

  15. AvidBorn

    I can sum up all the worlds problems in just a few words which are essentially derivatives of the same word and those are PROFIT and MONEY if we can devise a way to eliminate that then we can begin to build a much better world it is the one common denominator behind nearly ALL the problems on this planet and the leading cause of all the corruption!!! BUT NO ONE WILL EVEN CONSIDER THE IDEA because all the people in charge of making these decisions don't want to give up the POWER that having MONEY gives them which is a symptom of the EGO. We went without money for thousands of years yet we cannot imagine a world without it today.
    Copy and paste this comment (or write something similar) on every political video you see so MAYBE just maybe we can try to make a REAL difference!!!

  16. Lhn Lhn


    The Taiwan question is a matter of two brothers in one family, so your speech does not take a table, because no matter Hong Kong or Taiwan are Chinese descendants!


    وبما أن مسألة تايوان مسألة أسرة واحدة وأخوين، فإن ملاحظاتكم ينبغي أن تكون من أبناء هونغ كونغ وتايوان على حد سواء.

    ཐའེ་ཝན་གྱི་གནད་དོན་ནི་བུ་སྤུན་གཉིས་ལས་མེད་པའི་བྱ་བ་ཞིག་ཡིན་པས། ཁྱོད་ཚོའི་གཏམ་བཤད་ལ་མི་སུ་འདྲ་ཞིག་གིས་ཀྱང་བཤད་མི་དགོས། ཞང་ཀང་དང་ཐའེ་ཝན་གང་ཡིན་རུང་ཚང་མ་ཧྭ་ཞ་ཡི་བུ་རྒྱུད་ཡིན།

    대만문제는 한집안 두 형제의 일이므로 당신들의 발언은 표식없는 한 향항이든 대만이든 모두 화하의 자손입니다!

  17. 赵鹏飞

    The Chinese are very nice. I like China.

  18. Jam Jesus

    Just got an ad saying china isnt taking over

  19. Mario Peña

    Russia interfered with our 2016 election. No one is mad about that.

  20. wu zheng


  21. Ricky Fontaine

    Id like them to step up interference on trumps campaign why not.. Seeing how its ok to get dirt from foreign govs now… China if ur listening find whatever you can on trump and put it put days leading up to the election… Not so fun when its the gop being hacked and info being put out there.. 😉

  22. Steven W

    Goggle Andrew Yang 👍

    He's an interesting Teddy Roosevelt type who's imaking unconventional bid for the oval office…"speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far."

  23. MV

    It's all over people say a prayer God Bless US All!!

  24. Frank Blangeard

    Is the United States stepping up political interference ahead of Taiwan elections?

  25. Bodhi Shotta

    China owns the U.S. tbh. Big corporations have too much stakes invested in China. The U.S. also owes the Chinese government billions of dollars and they own many large expensive properties all around the country. I’ve been noticing this trend for the past 4 years now. This is why we need a progressive green new deal so we can keep up with China and their domination. No one can debate that the Chinese are working harder and smarter than us in America.

  26. The1corintios13

    the communists are specialists in winning elections or reelected, they can spend 20,30,40, 50,60 years oppressing and killing a nation but they will always win the elections, when the world will cease to be complicit in this regime criminal. How many people should die or be imprisoned? Isn't Vebezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, North Korea enough for us?

  27. Jason Freeland

    Of true lost creaters

  28. Jason Freeland

    I'm out and you allllllldead it unlocks.alllllllllnationspastthedreamstoliveing

  29. Jim Menard

    We know it was crooked Hilary and the DNC who interfered in our 2016 and 2018 Elections WHAT MAKES U THINK ITS GOING TO STOP IN 2020.DUHHHH VOTER ID IS COMING!

  30. Trashing Eden


  31. DaFiresMen

    Fox covering political interference? That's a bit hypocritical.

  32. Tom Waldo

    Ask American soy bean farmers what happens when you vote against your interest. Brazil will tell you thank you very much.

  33. The Rockazoid

    Ever notice how Lou looks like an evil puppet?

    When you think about it, all of the Trump Humpers look like shitty TV villains.

  34. zencofchina

    gordon chang? are you kidding me???
    As a Chinese, I can not help laughing

  35. Rob Wilsn

    Not gonna happen ya lefty liars!! Whaaaaaaa, still crying and still spreading propaganda. Cry little ones. Cry!! Fake News!! Fake. Fake F A K E !

  36. EaST CoAsT MaCHete

    Next thing you know the Chinese government will brand babies for future identification.

  37. Yu Been Lim

    What about US interference in HK and Xijiang, lots of lies there as well. Looks like "pot calling kettle black". However, never hear Fox calling out. Looks like double standards all the way. I will be happy if reporting is more balanced.

  38. no pe

    why in the world would China ever do what's best for the US, the days of US arrogance are over, at least in the view of the rest of the world

  39. Bravo Seven

    china is the modern day evilness, right now they are land and sea grabbing of Southeast Asia. They want them to follow their One China Policy, which mean no more existence of those nation’s

  40. corban wow

    作为一个中国人 我就听你们胡扯

  41. Jaws ofHell

    When is Trump going to do something about Russian ships trying to pick fights with our Navy?

  42. Shelley Ross

    Fox reporting on China interfering with another country's elections but not reporting on Russia interfering with American elections … Sounds exactly like something Fox would do.

  43. Dizzy


  44. meg's utube

    Fox New lies and shared misinformation daily. FOX IS REPBLICAN PROPAGANDA! How can they judge China when they do the same thing. Fox is full of Disinformation!! Trade Deal with no text shared with the public…..Don't blindly fall into a Facist Dictatorship! Change the Channel! Turn off FOX!

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