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  1. Trwerking man

    Doesn't brown rice cause bloating?

  2. I am Nat

    I eat organic black rice everyday. 3 times a day

  3. Chris St James

    I was waiting for a longer ending on using Brown Rice. I've heard that Long Grain Brown Rice works better to make Rice Milk and most videos show a demo suggesting that we soak and rinse the rice to eliminate the harmful Phyto-chemicals that you mentioned. Otherwise, could you recommend any healthy dry rice Powder that reconstitutes with filtered water? Thank you.

  4. khayam ali

    Is uncle bens rice healthy?

  5. Don’t-hate- Appreciate

    Wild rice is the healthiest

  6. Big Ry

    Parboiled white rice cooked and refrigerated overnight is the way to go

  7. Unwithering

    I think rice is probably better than some of the other grains out there

  8. Joe Al

    Most rice has arsenic in it also …

  9. Allanzo

    I eat rice everyday ,cause I'm Jamaican

  10. Eilish Goldstein

    How about the arsenic found in rice, especially in brown rice? Is still safe to eat it?

  11. Hector Lagares

    We prepare our organic white basmati in homemade bone broth…the best

  12. bruce watson

    I ate lots of rice for around 6 months or so and lost significant amounts of weight.

  13. Sherlika G

    I don't need rice, so I don't eat it. I eat sushi sometimes, but very rarely.

  14. Rupi Rupi

    Rice hmmmm i like

  15. Da bob'a fat

    I eat rice everyday

  16. Remy Dapugan

    I can't live without rice everyday

  17. max marrero

    non rice are healthy and make you fat ,but i eat them anyway.

  18. life is good

    Hate how brown rice taste and smell.I'm sticking to parboiled and basmati

  19. alkis makris

    how about brown parboiled rice?

  20. David Correnberg

    Is consuming white rice the reason on why caucasians are better looking than chinese, indians and filipinos? I mean asians consume white rice alot and they are chubby and ugly. While caucasians like europeans or americans rarely eat white rice. White rice is not natural though

  21. Devilish Cat

    I eat white rice for the past 60 years thankful that im alive and still working

  22. Anthony Vescio

    SERIOUS QUESTION. I always wonder why the food industry distributes “white” “refined” products. They’re always less expensive but seem to me like they would require more work to make them white. So, are these white foods by-products of other industries. Maybe vitamin/supplement companies drain them of they’re nutrition and then sell the empty food?

  23. Leticia Cobarrubias

    What about 5 minute rice?

  24. Ddstairclimber

    what about wild rice?

  25. Jormungadr

    I love YouTube, I didn't have to pay for a Drs Appointment to get this info

  26. Dharti kachhadiya

    depend on serving size , region , and do u take it with another grain at one meal ?

  27. CFC CFC

    Hispanic rice is better

  28. jaji boge

    really? i ate rice everyday and dont have any health problem

  29. Cherry paz

    I don't really like brown tasteless ..we hve diff kinds of rice brown,red white .I know Brown is good for body but tasteless..nice video Dr😺

  30. glenda anderson

    I never understand why B vitamins are brought to light in foods you're going to cook… it's going to cook off the vit.

  31. Top 10 Health Benefits

    Learn something new.

  32. ceeloc

    Lot of triggered caucasoids in the comment section mad cause they can’t eat rice.

  33. metal garurumon



    Me, eating white rice and vegetables, some person says, “You know white rice is bad for you?” A-hole you just a ate a box of pizza.

  35. enobong alexander

    wish of the fruits have less sugar. Dr .thanks

  36. Dave N Japan

    Wrong….Wrong…….No Diabetes here in Japan

  37. Ariel Ando

    Japanese always eat rice,..yet they are the healthiest people in the world

  38. Riza Dumlao

    In Philippines we eat rice 3 meals a day with white rice people can afford that than brown or jasmine or basmati, but we all okey

  39. nasima hossain


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