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  1. Audio Pervert

    All this dull speculation aside for a moment. It's a late-stage crumbling ex-empire mired in it's own failed systems. Now Al Jazeera could do better than just speculation and hearsay from institutional mouths (most of them serving an agenda based salary) – Be it UK or Bolivia or XYZ, the people are fast loosing hope in a system that visibly has failed. Borris The Clown or some messianic harbinger of hope, nothing will change as it's clearly and largely 'Business as Usual'.

  2. S A

    What attracts people of the UK to BoJo? Is it the clown factor??

  3. Ralph Skitz

    Why is She continually asking these individuals what UK residents want?

  4. Darth Remainer

    Well it’s about all of those things.
    The strongest statistical correlation with a brexit vote was lower educational attainment (fact). Brexit will reduce the nation’s wealth, making it harder to invest the desperately needed extra funds in health, and EU nurses and doctors have begun voting with their feet.

  5. Christa L

    Luis, FYI, Cheney started in the NIXON White House. Then served under Reagan and I believe Bush 1, before becoming VP under Bush 2.

  6. Ratso Rizzo

    The UK election is primarily and mostly and solely about the daily lives of the British citizen it's not about brexit the BBC, Sky News, and ITV they will make you think it's about brexit, the Daily Mail running lies reality it's about the daily lives of them human being and the citizen in Uk not brexit

  7. multisphere1

    This is the trick of riches , to make people not to believe that change is possible, portraying it as unrealistic. It’s unrealistic until Tory’s are in power. People will left with nothing . Boris can’t be trusted on Brexit as well.

  8. zulfiqar Tareen

    On behalf of the EU, the most democratic political union in human history,

    I declare the Brexiteers

    the enemies of the English language

    because leaving the EU will diminish the influence of the English language in the EU.

    Zulfiqar Tareen, a friend of all, the enemy of none.

  9. StrangeloveTheDoctor

    I'm Scottish so I will be voting for Independence in this general election and any other, i'm finished with being British. I'm looking forwards to a bright progressive future for my nation caring for my ecology economy and the well being of our young and old. It's time for Scotland to stand free and show the world what we as a nation are all about.

  10. Vee Holubova

    Europe's cell is blighted by Brexit It's not normal !

  11. Robert Brown

    Its about not letting the terrorist loving anti British lying old commie Comrade Corbyn anywhere near No10.

  12. Jhorel Jhoran

    Kill the Central Banks shall set you free

  13. d Gtm

    British public will called stupid in the history if Corbin with its policy dont win the election. Corbin’s Labour Party never had opportunity to show what really is his vision in government and i in serving the public..
    he was badly publicised by bully Cameron, Boris and snake tony Blair.
    Corbin is about public service and will die serving public even if he looses the election. Sadly once hw looses he will have to quit labour but he will be the no one example in British history.

  14. Patty Daniels

    Gypsy land… Neverending quarrel…


    what is that!!!!

  16. z man

    It's about racist not liking immigration for the poor and for the rich it's about making money of the pound falling

  17. Christine Roberts

    Our votes do not matter… They will do what they want always. Did we really have a say 3.1/2 yrs ago. Nope

  18. Lost Serendipity

    Boris is the funniest PM the UK ever had in her history.

  19. Nick Musselle

    yougove is Tory owned,

  20. kim warburton

    Tories have no climate policy. Its not even under their priorities on the site earlier today.
    2050 too late. Uk has 30 harvests left in its soils^^.
    Dead soil dead planet from no food. No eu no uk to worry over bojos brexit bollox repurcussions.
    Uk is in best position to lead world in a green revolution n frankly, we owe it to the world b4 we become what we shld be, give up our 2nd financial empire that contributes to stealing 9x the debt of africa from africa n into private tax dodging hands. Uk is a cold wet n windy island off the coast of europe. Brexit is the last gasp of empire trying to reassert itself through financial means.
    Uk doesnt want to give up its tax havens. Bojo only keeps the status quo

  21. David Owens

    Bernie 2020 / Corbyn 2020

  22. Goldfinga Sliverfinga

    Gangstalking great government scams to the UK lambs

  23. Abraham Tsfaye

    UK has no natural resources, they manufacture nothing, It's a rent seeking economy relying on nonsense like ''futures & derivatives''
    Add to that many of their people are bone idle on the job and they are stuffed. They deserve the tories!

  24. yonis abdi maxamuud

    UK needed coban

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