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  1. SubnetMaskedMan

    I have also accrued loss of hearing.
    I have a very large bodypart, so when I am with women there is quite a bit of noise, from moaning to screaming.
    Especially if i am on top of her and my stamina starts to go down so I kinda put my face down on the bed and keep pumping, it's like putting your ear next to a banshee.
    So i usually try doggie style now where her mouth is the opposite side of my ears.

  2. JJ U

    It also adds up that the tables are too close from one another.

  3. Elaine Evans

    In the olden days staff were trained to do all the chores quietly.
    If you were noisy you would get short shifted when the schedule was made and posted.
    It is so possible to change this atmosphere

  4. Yt Yt

    So…don’t go to those restaurants. Problem solved.

  5. Rocksii Rose

    Noise supermarkets are the worse. The same songs over and over. I had to work with this so called music 8 hours a night. I could not take it anymore so I changed jobs.Very loud not necessary.

  6. Caren Allen

    I don’t eat at restaurants that are loud..or a place where crying children are at

  7. Kira McCall

    Oh man, so this!!!! And if you're blind like I am and need sound to find things, then all that extra noise screws that up.

  8. N.A.L abba

    Hi .can you please check if the skin microdermabrasion or rejuvenation or dermapan etc really worth paying the money ?

  9. Nagato Sarutobi

    I guess clapping will be next eh CBC.

  10. slygirl02

    If i walk into a new restaurant and it's noisy I have no problem walking back out, sensory overloads is no joke when you suffer from panic attacks

  11. Posie Top

    Quite restaurants in the 1980s with white table cloths and candles was a beautiful experience. I never go to a restaurant anymore because of the noise.

  12. liquid79

    Seriously CBC? Trying to have her accurately measure decibals with a smart phone? 🙄

  13. liquid79

    You guys think this is loud? Try taking the NYC subway every-freakin-day. That's why New Yorkers always be yelling!!

  14. Anna Jany

    Yup. I prefer quiet unpopular restaurants.

  15. D Larson

    Hate those places . Avoid like the plague.
    Cant imagine being a server and trying to take an order without messing it up.

  16. misterfunnybones

    The key word is popular chains. Go local & ethnic. Try something new in a small locally owned restaurant.


    Don Cherry deserves his job back and we should be aloud to comment about it

  18. Riki Yul

    The worst moment is when the lady’s getting drunk…and some guys.; laughing load and yelling to each other’s,coz so much noise, more around 9 o’clock.

  19. Neil Wadden

    Mambi pambi Canadians who can’t take noise should just stay home and eat.

  20. Wowski .fan.2019

    Whats the name of the App they use? I wanna try

  21. DCFunBud

    Just the kind of restaurant I avoid.

  22. Hong Kong Phooey

    a quiet restaurant means the food is no good.

  23. edrian tito

    How are going to account for people using earphones on a regular basis? How many decibel does it generate?

  24. J Money

    My Apple Watch gets mad at dave and busters average 90 db

  25. MaParis Family Adventures

    It's the experience & enjoyments eating out. Problems? Order to go or stay home cook for yourself. I love the comfort of my living room.

  26. Kien Nguyen

    Every asian restaurants ever.

  27. Seth Boucher

    Pretty sure my addiction to listen to pop music is worse for my health

  28. hbarudi

    Just avoid the busy times and go during the times when most of the tables are empty and there goes the noise. I always thought that high school pep rallies were noisy, seems I was wrong.

  29. Baoss11

    Try Kinka Izakaya🤣

  30. Mark Kuil

    What was that sound app she was using?

  31. Woxineau Crows

    That is why we stay HOME, Im a retired chef and knew this 40 years ago and today eating out is so expensive we stay home and support ourselves our time is almost over and we love peace~quiet

  32. William Heng

    Visit a dim sum restaurant and measure the noise there.

  33. J Applic

    can't stand noisy restaurants

  34. Brittany Curtis

    Hey I live here!

  35. Derek Woodford

    I support Don Cherry!

  36. Kim J

    Shoeless Joe in my town has a dj playing very loud music. It's not even the people that were loud.

  37. Jason Bellini

    I think those sound panels are definitely a good idea because they definitely did indeed bring the noise levels down but it wasn't a huge difference but when it comes to noise even a 5-7 points lower is a major difference. Perhaps adding even more panels. They seemed pretty sparse up there but even with that sparseness there was a change in lowering the loudness.

  38. Yu Liu

    Try to monitor a night club's noise, how about that

  39. Dirty Burger

    It's only ok if it's a diverse crowd right CBC? Is this how I should think? Please advise

  40. kimberley beaumont

    I don't like noisy places. My dance group had a meet up at a particularly loud restaurant, it had such an amazing atmosphere and the food was great, but I would not go back.

  41. CurveTheRain

    Owner: “Yea I agree its too loud in here”
    Also Owner: pays piano player to add to the noise

  42. ᔕɧყ レųиą

    I was at BP’s in Edmonton with my BF on the weekend and the noise was ridiculous! One table with kids was incredibly loud just alone and their parents didn’t do anything about it! It wasn’t enjoyable and we rarely go out. We realized we should have sat in the lounge instead even though that would have been just as loud with the game but we wanted to watch the game anyways.

  43. Yanishka Yachtboy

    I put on earphones with louder music is that bad?

  44. Jennifer B

    I prefer quiet restaurants I like to enjoy the atmosphere and food and drinks and talk with my family!

  45. Jennifer B

    That loud of place makes me stomach turn not only does it affect your hearing but it affects your digestion of food too!

  46. Kim Chi

    CBC is harmful to the country

  47. Jennifer B

    I don’t like noisy restaurants! I drive around my town literally and look at how busy places are I don’t go into noisy places anymore!

  48. Annette Melnychuk

    Any restaurant is not good for your health regardless of noise. I work in the back of the house of restaurant and the noise at times can be unbearable.

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