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  1. Otto Von Bismarck

    This is just one of Winnie the Pooh's puppets, Pooh is trying to decieve you into thinking China is good while it is not.

  2. F Illinois

    Clash is inevitable, so says history

  3. Bruce Elisha

    Great talk,thank you. Ignorance is bliss for the main stream media and the people who read it as gospel truth,

  4. John Cook


  5. ForAmerican

    Are you writing a new book? Please let me know.

  6. Yeoman

    Thing is: he didn’t address the question. China as a regional hegemon may be ok, and that’s what he talk briefly about. The problem is that China may be moving toward world hegemony, which is the place the US currently occupies. Some of the fundamental interests of the two states are violently contradictory. I do not see how this can lead to anything but conflict.

    Also; I have a brother going into the US marines, so I really don’t want a war. I don’t want to be blind to the probability either.

  7. troy millay

    This guy is a moron.. He keeps saying that conflict with China isn't based on any knowledge or evidence. Soooooooo China building up their Military, Hacking into top secret American military computers, stealing American Military fighter technology. Breaking into the Pentagon computers, attempting and sometime successfully hacking into American Military satellites, Chinese Military officials speaking about war within the next decade with America , China's Military training to fight a war with America. NEED I WRITE DOWN MORE KNOWLEDGE AND EVIDENCE? Or is this enough? Everything I have written has been proven. I think I should also mention all the Chinese spies that have been captured infiltrating industries with top secret American Military contracts and future black project designs. So this guy is nothing more than a lying China apologist. There is a mountain of knowledge and a universe of evidence that China is getting in shape to fight a war with the U.S. Of course I believe this fella thinks that the lopsided trade agreements that favor China is all fine and dandy. Well I for one dont like giving money to a country that is using it to ready itself for a war with me. Bad enough the U.S. already does this with a long long long list of countries already.

  8. Amjad Farooq

    Crap time wasting video

  9. Anthony Ho

    maybe a million died? get your facts right, tens of millions died

  10. John Hope

    What about the history of Japanese economic development? No parallel to China in East Asian history?

  11. Alberto Scagliarini

    Why USA want always make a war?

  12. karim lavji

    If there were a war with China I think alot of countries will partner up with them, this is my only reason the world economy depends on the Chinese and their manufacturing so to go and destroy that would inevitably destroy your own economy, this is the one reason every one seeks economic realtions with them and also why a war will never happen

  13. szebike

    Any conventional war would end in a atomic war when one side would loose and then the world (as we know it ) would fall apart both sides know that and it won't happen that way. Its more realistic that China dominates the rest of the world and intervene where its is the most suitable for their country (like the USA does now) so if you don't live in the USA notihng will change except the country which will waste a lot of recources in useless wars around the world and plays "world police" will be China.

  14. Eric Haynes

    David Kang you explain it all very well. I was over in E. Asia for quite some time and you're absolutely right. There are so many misconceptions about Asia it boggles the mind.

  15. Apple Applepie

    How this dude talks is so chill, it’s amazin

  16. 멘토르석사

    Disappointed to discover that the guy is a shameless communist shill, wow

  17. 陳志偉


  18. Lirui Zhu

    This guy don’t understand China, the true about people there, why they become who they are today.

  19. Wayne Hitchcock

    Vietnam and Korea may not be worried about invasion, but Taiwan certainly is.

  20. Winnie The Pooh & CCP's


  21. Baron Fritz von shlitz

    What about china backing the Communist S African genocide of whites?

  22. Blackbeard The great

    Attero, Dominatus, China is burning, da lekway, interimo, The Republic has fallen, we stand at the gates of China, with 2 and half Million men, with 6000 tanks in our ranks, use them at battering Rams, Artillery leading the way, a million grr aids have been launched, the Communists must pay for there crimes, the leg of the panda has been broken, President Trumps orders, Serve me China on a plate, Disregard the losses Chinas ours to take – my version of Sabatons Attero Dominutas

  23. RRAHH 8

    War with China is inevitable. But it's not because we're scared of them. It's because they've been stealing our growth for the past 30-40 years. In the last 25 years, we've had $600 Billion worth of IP stolen from us per year. That's about $15 Trillion worth of economic growth. That's our future being stolen from us. Why shouldn't we go to war? At this point, it's cheaper to go to war and knock them back to the pre-industrial revolution era than it would be to let them continue stealing.

  24. Charles Burnham

    So the fact that China is building military bases in Africa, the Philippines and Pakistan is about local knowledge?

  25. Miles Cao

    OMG, he is really a professor! Very knowledgeable and insightful!


    He talked everything except the topic

  27. gngndthg jyhhf

    What? Structural Realism doesn't argue that because history unfolded a certain way therefore it will unfold the same way in the future – it argues that states respond to structural factors in the international system, namely international anarchy, unverifiable intentions and the ubiquity of military capacity. China isn't magically absolved of dealing with these issues because it unified – on the contrary a unified China is bordered by many states with which it has historical enmities and conflicting geopolitical imperatives. Furthermore the regional political layout of Asia is now more similar to prewar Europe than Pre-1800 Asia so the historical comparison doens't even make any sense.

  28. BurntRAM

    well china is militarizing islands on the east china sea. but ill give you this… westerners are warmongers.

  29. Truthseeker

    Control your Christian fanatics. And we're fine. They want the chosen people to realize they are wrong to be Jewish when the messiah come to prove them right in the end of days. Or don't let Europe become Muslim so their jihadists gets a hold of nukes. China is fine.

  30. c hopkins

    Think of peace

  31. Balfour Wheatley

    Koch brothers fund this..hmm

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