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    I do see this particular street food. I don't like the smell for once. When I'm passing and perceive the smell I either cover my nose or take another way. But sincerely, I'm made to understand that the food is nutritional. Glad you tried it.

  2. Divine Fam TV

    You didn't eat any or did u. cuz I didnt see you chewing 😋 So had to sing the National Anthem before he could take a bite lol…..If I don't like the smell I won't put it in my mouth. Did I heard it smell like garbage? Thanks for sharing

  3. H.R Creations

    Came to show love and suport and hope that you will do the same ❤️

  4. Favour Brava

    Nice dear, new friend stay connected

  5. Allthings Via

    It smells like socks🙈 oh no I doubt I can eat it then. I love your YT top.

  6. monica wanjiku

    ohhh your facial expression….cant even try it, hahaha

  7. Australia Entertainment

    The food looks absolutely delicious

  8. Martha Fynest

    Aki si the food is cold already 🤣 you are really postponing eating it lol

  9. Martha Fynest

    I wouldn’t be able to stand there for long let alone eat it 😤I have really bad tolerance for smells

  10. Frank Di Maria

    Nice videos..catching up with the rest of the videos

  11. Perihoss Perfect

    Wah that place aki i would not try anything i will fast.hah u said its smells socks lol

  12. Mummy Michelle

    i wouldnt be able to make past the smell.. have you tried eating durian . it smells awful.. pls switch on the lights in my house .

  13. Recipe Lounge

    I would not try anything that smillies but you are amzing for trying this in front of the camra well done

  14. Durga ka kitchen

    Nice video new friend stay connected

  15. Eat African & American

    Thank you for your support. I look forward to watching your content. I did hit the bell.

  16. The Rusty Belt

    Awesome vid 🙂

  17. Mister Nil

    Hi it feels Good to be here Godbless Keep sharing always great videos

  18. Eve Gache

    Wow that was a great experience,you also how to communicate with them so well though i dont know whether i can handle eating that lol

  19. Olando Jaboin

    Hello new here

  20. Angela Oluy

    I love you shirt. The food looks good.

  21. Reenka Kitchen

    Hi. You are so funny how can i separate the both in our Head. Thanks for sharing. I just subscribed and liked 63. Hope you get connected too.

  22. Thea & The Fam

    Sahara if he food was smelly why would you eat it your too hilarious i would just go somewhere else to eat.💖💖

  23. Chinonso Ezeji

    I never noticed tofu smiles so bad, I dont even like to eat it because I don't like the texture, like you tried to have even taste it Weldon. my new friend

  24. Michael & Paula

    Great channel Nice T Shirt 💖💖

  25. Quinter Okuto

    Nice t shirt….
    Just connected
    Show love back please

  26. Lydrew World

    I would love to visit China one day.. And I'll definitely try their food.. Thanks for sharing

  27. Righteous RedNeck

    China. Would be amazing to visit! The food and culture. New to your channel. Staying connected

  28. Lifestyle My Indy


  29. Barbara Nyambura

    China is beautiful place l would love to visit someday in the future.

  30. Coolbriz garden.kitchen

    China is beautiful place l would love to visit enjoy your street food thanks for sharing new friend

  31. ThatCuteGirlFromAfrica

    China is a place I would love to visit
    Thanks for sharing
    New friend

  32. Officialjackie Gakii

    China is beautiful I love the place💝

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