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  1. こにゃん

    Too wrong for Hong Kong Citizen and police officer.

  2. E Ng

    Where is Joshua wong now?

  3. Liz Liz

    I hope people are aware that the human being can be mind controlled, your fears, anger, love, all of it.

  4. billy kobilca

    Hk… giving u enough rope to destroy yourselves from with in. Time is not on hk's side.

  5. Nosferatu Shahrin

    3rd world country in the making


    Hong Kong rioters leaders are paid , train and SUPPORTED by CIA Psychological warfare (PSYWAR) operatives

    They're the TRAITORS to their own country by supporting genocidal USrael Evil Empire !!

    The solution:

    Confiscate all the wealth of the TRAITOR Jimmy Lai and distribute it evenly to the people affected by his crimes .

    Catch ALL the paid by foreign powers LEADERS ASAP and deport them to reeducation facilities on mainland …….

  7. chicken vloge vlogs

    Can police give them what day deserve

  8. Mr. HeavyDebater

    They are no longer protesters. They are terrorists.

  9. Liu Kevin

    Use real bullets please

  10. A A

    shoot pls

  11. Zac Lowell

    If the cops are afraid of breaking their nails, maybe they should find another job

  12. no one

    Im sorry for the Police because they are only people like the Protesters and could be the parents of Childs that might only see them in the Hospital after one of the Protestes , but also for the hurt protesters , the parents under them , scared for they're kids that they might get hurt .
    and also for the uninvolved people ..

  13. 14 exe. Verygood hhy


  14. Joan Doe

    I fear we might have reached that point of no return…. The "peaceful protesters" are becoming increasingly violent and the police have to resort to force to defend life and property….If the "peaceful protesters" don't step back…the violence will force China to take drastic action…..Will that mean the PLA moving into Hong Kong to restore law and order? I think some Hong Kong residents will welcome that….. Let's hope it won't be necessary and that sanity takes over…….

  15. Wang Michael

    why does South China Morning Post still call them "protesters"? They are rioters. SCMP's stand should be questioned.

  16. Joan Doe

    How terribly sad…. If only the "peaceful protesters" would watch this video …. They will see that their violence has little or no affect on China……but a massive impact on their communities……with infrastructure destroyed….over 40 stations closed……. Hong Kong is dying…… at the hands of the terrorists/ rioters/ arsonists …….

  17. Joselito Fandino

    Making their own lives harder for themselves.

  18. Lawrence Ding

    Man the more they do this, the more I understand why CCP cracked down on Tiananmen in 1989.

  19. Da bob'a fat

    What happen if soldiers handle this


    I am gonna start my umbrella business in Hong kong

  21. artix oih

    The protest have evolved to pure violence already, not sure if they are just destorying their own country or want the goverment to meet their demands…

  22. ktkska 888

    The Hong Kong police are understaffed, outnumbered,exhausted and going to have a mental breakdown.
    Their hands are tied because of the ridiculous, absurd judiciary system predictably left by their former masters. The media are so powerful and the judges are protecting the traitors and rioters and are waiting to nail the police. During the Occupation Central, the former CE , the HK govt and police chief betrayed the police by sending seven police to lynched by the ethnic British or HK judges who are UK citizens. They were given the maximum – two years imprisonment – for beating a rioter (no injury)

    China has proven to be not that strong and powerful. 50 cents say China does not want to fall into America's trap. It is like Shop A and Mega-supermarket are have business transactions. Mega instigate Shop A staff stage a revolt in a branch. Mega warning is if you crush the revolt, I will punish you with business dealings and you will go bankrupt. Shop A is very scared.

  23. linda wu

    If this was Singapore a lot of people butts will be bleeding

  24. ac2leung

    Time for emergency laws, or martial law. This is getting way out of hand. If they do, HK will prob die in the near term, but will pick itself back up. It’ll die a slow death if they let this continue on like this. Feel sorry for these kids, or maybe not. Think it’s all fun and games. They just burned it for themselves, won’t have any future here or anywhere with these criminal acts.

  25. 郭靖


  26. ada hui

    Please don’t 100% trust South China Morning Post, they will not tell you all the fact, they serve Hong Kong Government and Police, because not long ago, Alibaba Jack Ma(馬雲) has acquired this news company.

  27. Silly Seagull

    Merry Tchaina day

  28. Bstaznkid4lyfe

    This show Hong Kong ain't safe no more…Best to move out of the country…



  30. Creamapera

    Smash China

  31. yo dasxi

    In China next year, there will be many Hongkonger guys walking the streets without 🍌 or nuts in hijabs to honor the martyrs of the Hong Kong riots.

  32. Zeno

    0:09 the top 1%

  33. TByRaqm 2Mz

    Are you not going to mention that school student, armed only with a plastic pipe and foam shield, who was gunned down by the police? Or the Indonesian reporter who was permanently blinded by a police beanbag round? Or are you worried Jack Ma would have something to say about that?

  34. TByRaqm 2Mz

    3:03 This Mah Jong Parlour was linked to triads in the area that attacked previously peaceful protestors with knives.

  35. TByRaqm 2Mz

    Trying watching this without the sinister music

  36. TByRaqm 2Mz

    1:48 That is not a 'petrol bomb' that is obviously a tear gas canister being thrown back.

  37. Nobody Tagota

    hold your beer and watch it closely ! A new episode begin

  38. Wet Shredder

    Civil War ft Chinese Ver.

  39. WhatAHansel

    Crime City X : Fire in the HongKong

  40. A disgrace

    Looks like these little kids werent taught what "protest" means

  41. M M

    the SCMP is owned by Alibaba Group, which takes orders directly from dictator Xi..

  42. Hanabiri Izumi

    Watching Hong kong Terrorist damaging their own country as peaceful protest

    Thomas have never seen such bullshyt before .

  43. long thong Lee

    Now rioters r becoming more aggressive using petrol bomb I think law enforcer must use frame thrower to counter petrol bomb thrower them they will think before using petrol bomb

  44. great bane

    I wonder how the owners of the motorcycles feel 🤔

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