It hurts nothing, do what you want to do

Wicca – Why do we feel different about this?

According to the laws of the United States of America, Wicca is a certified religion. But not many people are willing to accept it for themselves. The reason is that it lacks any guides, prophecies, scripts or books in general, and this book is full of stories about prophecy or self-fulfillment about religious divinity. Unlike other religions, Wicca does not impose any rules on followers, but instead directs them to take free, independent, and natural behavior. Unlike other religions, Wicca or so-called witchcraft does not give up any natural creation that humans can acquire. The paradox is that men are required to approach nature, with natural elements as the core through life and prayer.

Wiccan Rede

Every priestess, or witch, as they are often called witchcraft, will see God, the goddess, me and the natural forces they want, but the energy, results, and reactions remain the same. This is like the fact that although the names of the gods have changed, although the way they worship has changed, the elements of prayer have changed, but these concepts are still the same – with eternal peace after death. Wicca is also based on the same concept but with different values ​​and styles.

Wiccan Rede, or the words of the wise, are relied upon by the Wicca people for performing rituals and celebrations. There are two versions of Short and Long redes before Wiccan Rede. These are not rules and regulations, not "dos" and "don&#t; ts", but the words of our wise ancestors, which are regarded as the goddess' own words. They just tell us the importance of the moon phase, the importance of the elements used, and what the body, mind and soul should be after the ceremony.

Golden rule

Every religion in the world will have the golden rule of operation of their entire system. Similarly, Wiccan Rede tells the witch Wicca's golden rule not to limit action and desire, not about God and the goddess, but about the self of the people following Wicca. Wiccan rede is the first lesson for everyone who wants to know how to be a witch. Wicca's most famous line and basic concept is that

"The eight words that Rede fulfilled

It doesn't hurt, do what you want to do"

“an”, “you” and “wilt” are the ancient Middle Eastern words of “If”, “you” and “will” respectively. Although many believe that the couplets that make up the Wiccan Rede only appeared in the 1960s, there is evidence that the words “Are you doing well?” come from a famous writer and a follower of the pagans, all of which appear in him. In the book. century. Although witchcraft or witchcraft itself lacks the Bible, the eight words "it doesn't hurt anything, do what you want to do" is what all religions in the world do.

Before delving into the meaning of these eight words, a brief introduction to the sermons and teaching of some of the most extensive religions in the modern world is needed. Understanding Wiccan Rede will not be a problem when understanding the overall concept of the following religions.


In Matthew 7:12 and Luke 6:31, the Bible quotes the words of Jesus of Nazareth as telling them that they must do things to others and that they want others to do for them. In a place where one asks for eternal life, Luke 10:25-28, Jesus tells him to love his neighbors. They are not anyone in need, just as he loves himself. There are many places in the Bible. This concept is called the law of life and is directly imposed by God Himself.


In the Qur'an, in the chapter 267 of the Qur'an, the Qur'an, the Prophet Muhammad is mentioned, that they should spend a lot of money for others, but they should not do things for others. They will not accept it themselves. There are several places where Muhammad says the same thing, there are positive attentions in some places, and condemnation in other places. It is said that those who do not follow this rule will have a place in hell.


From the epic Mahabharata chapter of Brihaspathi, Anusana Parva has a place where it is said that the Dharma rule should not do anything to others, and if it does something to them, it will cause harm. Also, in Padmapurana, the same thing is written as a short description of Dharma. The Vedas are briefly informed of this and the method of correcting the hazard, and if so, thus reducing Karma.


The Tripitaka is the life story of the Gouthama Buddha, starting at Udanavarga 5:18.

"Injuring others won't make you feel harmful."

There are lines,

"Put yourself in the position of another person, one should not kill, and should not let others kill."

These lines clearly explain that people should see others as they see themselves, and should not harm or kill others. Generally speaking, they should not hurt others.

The basic concepts of almost all religions are the same, whether it is Judaism, Jainism, Confucianism or the name of any religion, they must be based on the same reasons as above.

It won't hurt you, do what you want to do

Now, after reading other religions, the meaning should be clear. basic concept. Yes, in these eight wise words, the word “none” not only indicates the people around us, but also points out our hearts, mind and body, these are our own different forms.

This is why the witch's words are not vague, but strong, no wizard will do any magic or spell, no relevant personnel to accept. Because even if the spell is used for treatment, it may not require the intended person, and when it comes to thinking about what we do without our permission or request, it is considered to be just harm, even if it seems to be beneficial to others. .

Wicca – now is the time to know

Witchcraft is not a religion, but a path to fulfillment, spiritual divinity, karma, or whatever we call it, not anything that supports the creation of nature we enjoy. We can dance, sing and call nature to drink with us according to our wishes, instead of hiding the true "we". Like other religions, when talking to divine power, people don't have to keep silent. They don't have to hide their emotions and act as slaves in front of their favorite gods, goddesses and angels.

Pastor Sshivani Durga, a clever wizard, or a wizard that people like to call, is not only a follower of mystery practice, but also a follower of certification and loyalty to many other religions. However, she feels her way when doing witchcraft. Witchcraft and rituals enable her to adapt to the concepts and elements of other religions and implement them in her spells. She has evidence that spells and rituals are not only normal. Traditional.

It's time for people to try to break the ice around themselves and then walk out to understand what's in the unknown parts and dimensions of the sacred life journey. If you are ready to do so, everyone who uses her name to call her priest Sshivani Durga or Mama Awiki will help you understand what she is doing now.

In the future, Wicca will certainly have an organized structure, a physical structure, through which people complete all sacred ways to understand true happiness. Remember people, "It doesn't hurt anything, do what you want to do." This is what every religion says. We should listen to others' opinions, at least weigh it.


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