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  1. Dawson Winter

    If Chinese government says reversing tariffs, then either that is true or no deal. Chinese government has been consistently stating the same position while Trump administration (or Trump) flipped flopped. Let’s wait and see.

  2. shera shera

    no with the us is the best deal

  3. ushimky wong

    who's voice for HK victims ?US and EU are dancing on the palm of HK corruptive group. they said east go east. they said west you west ! what are funy puppet! Nancy Pelosi – your voice is for HK corruptive government/group and criminal! youth's bleeding is for corruption , death is for corruption, not for HK people, not for democracy and liberty !
    Hong Kong corruption empire show off their power to the world ! 
    HK people have to save our new generation ! sent corruptive group to jail .
    2019-06-09 hong kong's demonstration that's for what ? … 1) not for democracy, 2) not for liberty, 3) not for justice , 4) not for human rights !
    HK people want no corruption… no corruption… no corruption…
    corruptive group produced monkey show to cheat the world .
    demonstration – how many protestors are citizens and how many .. many … are public servants .support hk corruptive government/group and criminal – sent HK people to hell !

  4. Steven Foo

    No rollback no deal


    would you invest anything after listening to these moe rons?

  6. tommy wong

    Why bother to even talk. Gee. It's the communist government . Treaty and agreement means nothing.

  7. tubeytubby

    4 guys, 1 gal sitting at a WOMEN's Memorial.

  8. Brandon Hebert

    Trumpstein is a zionist puppet. He will do what his master's tell him to do. Everything else is theater for the sheep.

  9. omnia resipsaloquitor

    this viet vet and former staff professional officer for the Chicago Board Options Exchange in the 70's knows all the scams……..wall street hucksters are hungry for new blood and new chumps,,,,,,so lets sucker the low information and low informed military person and their humble savings,,,,,,especially the enlisteds……the officer corp should be smart enough to know better.

  10. Marek Kolenda

    Fed lost control over stocks market .Unfortunately.

  11. JAY JAY

    The Toddler in Chief: Another Delay?! This is ludicrous. Now they can't even sign a farm deal. Meanwhile, 40% of US farmers live off of bailouts or insurance, bankruptcies are rising dramatically. We're being told it's a trade deal but this is nothing more than China buying US agriculture, supposedly $50 billion worth. Then they admitted it would take time to get to that number. Then we heard that it would be difficult for the US to even provide that amount to China. This whole thing stinks. The administration’s use of economic diplomacy to secure economic concessions has achieved surprisingly little, and there is no reason to expect a better record in the future. If Trump accepts what he is calling a “massive” deal with China, he will actually be leaving American farmers at least $7 billion worse off than they would have been without his policies.

  12. TheDesert IsPatient

    Believe it when it actually happens; certainly not based on anything Trump says. If some tariffs aren’t lifted the Chinese won’t budge.

  13. Pl CK7_0_7

    Nope. I'd rather buy gold miners like Barrick and Newmont Goldcorp!

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