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  1. T Angeles

    Look like its Angela Zhang "Dolphine bay"

  2. Maggie Bautista

    I like her so much..I always watch the proud twins…

  3. XxXinplayz55

    Dong fang mei

  4. catwild1000

    Xiaolu Li is amazing. I love her song here. She was the star of Xiu Xiu the Sent Down Girl which is in my Top Five movies of all time. I have watched it about seven times. It's such a powerful film and Xiaolu Li gives one of the best performances in a movie that I've ever seen. I hope that she has a happy marriage.

    Great video!

  5. C Annie

    she looks so alike angela zhang

  6. leejoonabs1

    she got engaged to liang liang on march 31 2012

  7. Rachel Seagroatt

    does ANYONE know where she got that dress from?

  8. Evilheart123456789

    i cannot differentiate btw her n zhou xun…
    even after so many years!

  9. jermain kim


  10. Croquantes

    she looks so different in her video than she did in 'ye dian'. o_O

  11. Hannah Abadilla

    she looks diferent in push
    i guess cuz of her bags in the movie
    shes very pretty!
    and a good singer

  12. LumuYang

    shes very pretty :]
    nice voice and pretty dress…
    I'm jealous of her long hair

  13. Queenie Hum

    shes so pretty *_*

  14. Yenmiegoi

    niice :3

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