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  1. Prabakaran Meiyappan

    Which place

  2. Reclusion

    the toast and janet clips are so incredibly boring.

  3. Not Me

    true or real?

  4. Thelondonbadger

    7:20 Now we know why fuslie is moaning about her stomach and being sick in the morning.

  5. Chubbi Wubby

    I think I seen fuslie boobs Pop before the balloon

  6. Zero Hearts

    Is there any worn and unwashed 4th of july liberty hoodies available for giveaways or purchase.

    Jk no but cool hoodies

  7. Roi


  8. not jogepi

    poki is sooooo fucking loud

  9. boonchouy

    Legend says Jake's balls still hurt to this day

  10. Daz Jokahz

    7:34 damn

  11. Frankie Vo

    What game is Janet playing??

  12. Artemio V

    7:20 Cuckison confirmed.

  13. Ashen

    I'm a simple man I see Jake I like

  14. HyperUltraMegaSenpai


  15. Josh L

    7:49 Combo'd FeelsBadMan

  16. Tommy Danh

    Knock knock, wing, NANIIIiIiIiIiI

  17. jaybee Villaverde


  18. Renzeth Bulawan

    Jake the literal online f*ckboi

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