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  1. Naj_Singhs

    Jaleel is FOINE!

  2. Nothin But Facts

    1:21 As a mother you should pray to God that you birth a child that's more talented than you and help you financially if you needed. Most if not every celebrity in the world makes more money than their parents tho, Some Black men make me sick always tryna reach negatively about Black women, So if I'm a nurse making a decent pay and my child becomes a star and making more money than me "It's supposedly wrong in his eyes 👀 gtfoh 😁 This niggah is whack like the rest of those who fell off, 😂 now I see why..ain't nobody checkin for his whack azz 😂 he's also tryna shade Keisha and her mother's relationship, or why bring that shh up. What if the mother's disable. Like Cardi B said and 99.99% of celebrities said " its ALWAYS been a dream of theirs to take care and buy their mother a house. Shh it's hard asf raising kids. No amount of Money could ever pay your parents back! Especially the mother who carried you for 9 months! So Jamal all those star athletes who made MILLIONS shouldn't have made more money than their parents? How is that? Majority of Parents don't have million dollar jobs mf! 😂 He got life F up. I hope no kids listen to him and start being disrespect to their parents after this video. In the bible it clearly warns you to ALWAYS honor your mother/parents. Black men are really starting to disappoint me. 😣😒

  3. Jeanette J

    Jaleel is a single dad, not at all surprised. After what he did to his sons mom. I'm surprised he's not in prison.

  4. Rell T

    What if this nigga just out the blue started talking like urkel I'd be dead

  5. James Gotti

    I just love me some kesha omg ❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤🌹❤

  6. Mahree Ale

    Is she meant to be interviewing him? 👀🙄

  7. Spark Plug

    He looks like Bill Cosby long lost son.

  8. Daniel Tayong

    Jaleel White is very intelligent

  9. Paul Hardrick

    He'e Professional And She's Hood! He's Actually Saving Her From Herself! Her Level Of Clear Speech With Direction Is Clearly Limited But Thanks To Him He Made It Easier For Her To Express Thought And Articulate Them Professionally.

  10. Broc Connor

    when you see Jaleel White you cant even imagine how he gets into the role of steve urkel…there's no correlation

  11. Anthony Mckinney

    Prince is G.O.A.T. And why would you care if Prince paid?

  12. chantel woods

    He so damn fine!!!! 👓

  13. Michael Harris

    Damn sounds like Stefan was laying pipe on Keisha on the low

  14. Katrina Wall

    She got thick

  15. 2Tru Judah

    Yaw look up the Hebrew israelites my channel have the info us blacks in America are special and different from all nations and were not Africans

  16. Katrina Wall

    I think he has a nice smile.

  17. Antron Baker

    Key-SHIAAA!!! omg…DAMN shout out to Jaleel tho who ain't grew up on Family Matters.. Big up on the topics tho real issues that must be discussed…I swear il be cold chillin on some professional shit, like shawty I'm taken I'm cool you ain't fuckin this up maaannn shawty hold ya head keep bossin up mayne for real

  18. The L.Z Show

    Did he talk about why he is a single dad

  19. Larry Purefoy

    They should hook up just saying. Both are amazing.

  20. Godsgraceish

    Keisha please stop speaking over your guest and speak clearly – enunciate your words and stop slouching please.

  21. Niccole Evans

    Prince was a natural prankster by nature…. He loved to play jokes lol

  22. Alexsh2010

    This is such a nice, genuine conversation.

  23. Ayanna Ferebee`

    Those boots was high

  24. Dee*the*singa

    What is up with the audience? They are sooo dead.


    He still looks younger and handsome he does😍

  26. Keith Bell

    Hats off to Jaleel's parents.
    And hats off to Jaleel for staying grounded. He has the utmost respect for his parents. Because NO amount of fame and money intercepted their role as PARENTS.

  27. Ronda S

    Gosh, she's only a great singer. Definitely not professional or educated enough to host a show… I'm sorry – just not her area until she gets some training.

  28. Carol Seay

    They both looked amazing… It was nice to hear them speak about Prince… Ever remembered… Never forgotten…

  29. kttanderson1

    I hope Tyler Perry write a scrip for Jaleel white. He need to be in movies. Jaleel is so smart!

  30. goldmouth100

    I hope to see Jaleel on screen again 🥰🥰

  31. Oliver Browner

    "You need more water" lmmfao 😂🤣🤣😂

  32. Ernie Estrada

    Man urkel I hope some day come to comicon

  33. Anthony Stewart

    Urkel still butt hurt cause Prince punked him lol 🤣

  34. Jarethia Falkner

    Does anybody know what channel and times this show come on

  35. Cobi Y

    Is this his show or hers? He's waaay more entertaining and just comfortable.

  36. marian B

    Wow Jaleel grew up to be so handsome!

  37. Jamaine Down Da Street

    “Know what I’m sayin. Ya know wut I mean. Ya know wut I’m sayin. Ya know wut I’m sayin. Ya know wut I mean. Ya know wut I’m sayin”? C’mon nah

  38. Shirley Mitchell

    He was All about keeping you healthy😊

  39. candy girlll

    they would make a cute couple

  40. WDIMXX

    Keisha is So Sexy

  41. anselm joseph

    I like this show 🔥🇨🇦👊🏿

  42. Shirley Mitchell

    Handsome soul enjoyed your talk show

  43. Glenn Jordan


  44. Earl Pharaoh

    Keisha BADDDDDDD

  45. Mac Rainwater

    Keyshia kinda wack to me she need to work more on her interviewer skills

  46. Sam Haine

    Real shit… All real shit..
    Think i Jus found a new show

  47. Neghie Thervil

    The audience here is always taking a nap.

  48. kcnotjojo99

    It's good to see Keyshia growing and maturing in having her own platform show real recognize real much love and respect to her and Jaleel White both solid individuals… 👍

  49. blue peter

    Jaleel, with his old man face…. lol!!!!!!!

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