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  1. Jhasleidy Castro

    “I’m so in love with you, and I hope you know” made me cry because I am so in love with my crush but he technically has a girlfriend (I think because 3 month ago he posted a girl saying “happy birthday to the loml and I’m hoping that wasn’t his girlfriend, but I’m not gonna get into their relationship if they are don’t worry guys) and I really hope he knows I love him and I’ve known him for 3+ years 🥺 please pray for me so I can be with him, I pray every night to God asking him to put me with him and I really hope God makes my (love) Dream come true. ❤️🙏🏻 Also i hope he likes me back when I tell him in my Christmas not cuz I’m gonna give him a small and thoughtful present for Christmas and I’m gonna tell him how I feel and I’m writing him a note full of what I feel for him and telling him how HAPPY I am to have met him.🙏🏻🥺❤️PLEASE HELP ME PRAY TO BE WITH HIM💔❣️🥺😣🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. CatsRUs Mini

    Why is this song making people depressed?

  3. milkybujo

    I might never seen him ever again and the year is ending, I haven’t told him how I feel. What do I do ?? 🙁

  4. Nikhil Dutta

    December 2019 anyone?

    Just planning for the future

  5. Maryam Ali

    I love it 😍

  6. Daniel B

    What a wetty

  7. Nikita Hinds


  8. archana Dhimal

    this made me cry the second the heard the tune

  9. Neverdee 37

    I remember listening to this song for the first ever time and balling my eyes out😭i was so young and I dreamed about the day when my future boyfriend(didn’t know I was into girls yet)would get down on one knee,play the guitar and sing this song for me on Valentine’s Day.And that on that day I would be truly happy.That didn’t happen.And tbh I forgot that I made that wish.Until I came out and I met my first ever girlfriend.My wishes came true except that one however.We only dated for one month and I planned great things for my first ever Valentine’s Day with a partner.

    This song just really takes me back to the days when I was naive and dumb and I wished for such happiness that could only happen from personal growth,timing and the compatible person.
    Love yourself first before u love someone else.We all need love,it’s one of the most beautiful things that we have in life♥️♥️

  10. H&A_ videos_ Juni

    Das ist einfach mal so mein Musik 🎧 Geschmack die ganze playlist 😍

  11. Kevincy Cheeli

    I still listen this song… It makes me feel so gooddd….❤️❤️❤️

  12. Michille Consulta

    Napa search aq sa kanta na to dahil sa its showtime..hahaha

  13. Robin Benson

    Love the song omggg

  14. Lovely Bear ᴖᴥᴖ

    It’s not the lyrics that make me cry, but of the person I miss most.

  15. Kailey Ciesielski

    Omg I love 3:27

  16. Josh

    I so want to sing to my bf

  17. cheyanne wiesner

    i felt like it was my falt

  18. cheyanne wiesner

    love your song i didnt want to let go of my cat but days after she died because we didnt know she was sick

  19. 100k subs with 3 videos?

    One day…

    Someone Will find this comment. ❤️

  20. hannah dourley

    i can play the hole song on piano


    no pasa desapercibido 20/11/2019

  22. Jadean Williams

    I like this song

  23. Ross jr Family

    This is my fav song

  24. Anton Bukai

    Somebody 2019??

  25. Iunia Baran

    50 likes and I send to my crush a love letter.

  26. Kerubin Ancheta

    Cheers to the love we can't have💔

  27. Grace Johns-Simpson

    Favourite song
    Because I’m going through a lot

  28. ehhalilaarh

    5 likes ill ask my crush out

  29. mrs. prank

    in 1 month is chrismas and i am depresst
    2019 good bye

  30. Gacha Wolfy playz

    10 likes and I'll play this to my girlfriend

  31. shamita Reddy

    this reminds me of hess

  32. Black Ticket Naveen

    Please don't fall in love

  33. Joshua Thompson

    Just reconnected with a long lost love and tbh I should have wrote this song for her a long time ago!!! Love is a strong and magical thing and she's got my whole heart all over again ♥️♥️♥️

  34. Marie Fabiana saphira

    Just say you won’t let go.

  35. Elayna Book15

    James bay:
    Let it go

    James Arthur:
    Say you won’t let go

    What’s going on here?!

  36. Dakota Wilkins

    Hey everyone that reads this just know no one needs a relationship to be happy I just got out of one and it didn’t make me happy it made me depressed and hurt so I went to my friends and they made me happier than any other person has all someone needs is a loyal an true friend❤️💯☝🏽

  37. Sunna Lindenhovius

    20 likes and I tell my crush I love him!

  38. ninjaintraining 0

    This song reminds me of my great grandpa

  39. Gta God


  40. cheyanne wiesner

    this makes me reberemer my 2 year old cat she died she was really sick😢

  41. Elenna the young boos

    This is so sweet 🤗 to show your love in a song

  42. TAIS Matos


  43. TAIS Matos


  44. Dashing star Light

    perfect song for me i will be ready to settle down some day.

  45. Sierra Roy

    Such a good song

  46. immi aldworth-jones

    My crush just gets annoyed by my friends. He probably doesn't like me anyway.

  47. Jared Tabamo


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