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  1. HearBearzz

    if you grew up in va this was the stuff

  2. Donna Cantrell

    I love this song

  3. BloodyDeath 121605

    I was only six when this song came out but I still listened to it and grew up on this song

  4. Jesse Hill

    Songs 25th

  5. Ashley Mendoza

    Still Listening Oct. 2019

  6. Marlana Farthing

    i love this song and i also love you make it easy

  7. Marlana Farthing

    my dad loves this song he plays it every day all day long

  8. Owen Tackett

    I feel old and I’m only 14

  9. Katie Katie

    Big fan katie big fan of Jason Aldean favorite Singer awesome 👍💕❣️😀

  10. -主或国王-xanteki

    i remember being 8 riding down the road with my uncle listening to this sadly he passed away in 16’💔🤧fly high justin 1987-2016

  11. 615thekid

    I love that this song was videoed in Old Hickory.

  12. Debbie Green

    Jason, you are the reason my son turned from Rap to Country. He heard this song on one of the award shows. When he heard the Rap part he realized Country was better than Rap. Now every time I hear this song I cry happy tears because he passed away Nov 2, 2012 at the age of 24.

  13. Madra Lambert

    If you still listen to this in 2019 like this comment

  14. Jordan Gates

    G. Jordan

  15. Matthew Wright

    He ain't even country

  16. Jaycob Cook

    This is my oldest brother song

  17. rusty hayes

    dear Jason Aldean i like all of or music

  18. Elizabeth Cantrell

    My fav song while riddin lonley old roads

  19. Nate C

    Jason Aldean got bars tho

  20. Travis Kleiman

    Hell ya

  21. John walker

    I'm hitting easy street in mud tires.

  22. ennie minee

    Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop

  23. Kristie Thomaston

    Dooooooo it boy you are u best

  24. Jay Carter

    If listened to this song for years and it defines me and my buddies so well

  25. Mike Mike

    This song bangs

  26. Sarah Linscomb


  27. Sarah Linscomb

    I love this song

  28. Evan Justice

    Me and my girlfriend broke up after 6 months this song brings back some memories of me and her I love her more then anything

  29. Homicidal Elf


  30. Shephard Lostprophet

    Bear calls Andllamo,road,andilay,full thermals,hurry up dex.

  31. Charles Little

    Good song

  32. Wayde Jenkins

    Cool song but that Dodge????

  33. Beanie Boo

    2019 country is the best my opinion

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