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  1. SK reacts

    Anybody else think the meets was wingstop ?

  2. Evelin Mercedes

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  3. Stephen Stephenson

    Jason skips leg day

  4. ME D'Or

    When he pulled out the pickliz 🇭🇹

  5. ch3xmix

    5:34 Skipping breakfast = "Intermittent Fasting"

  6. Rickest Rick

    Your family needs to tell you to pick your hands up.
    If either hand isn't punching it should be protecting that side of your head.

  7. Jhon wilbens Pierre

    Haitian for live 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

  8. Jesse Gusek

    "They're not like us."
    no duh JD lol

  9. omar trachen

    Cats is the stupidest movie ever made

  10. carguy 35

    "Ziplock you owe me money for this" This man one step ahead of most people

  11. Ezron Lightbody

    This dude funny

  12. Jure Ropič

    I love Jason Derulo so much, he's such a positive vibe!


    Watch Reppin time fitness

  14. Lesly Lambert

    First of all: Salute Jason! My Haitian brother!!

    Secondly: I like when he said he was Haitian and they played Jamaican music…. bish wah?

  15. Jean Pierre

    Jason derulo fridge is the winner so far.

  16. S&K Fitness

    Haitian ‼️‼️

  17. DYNAMlllIlTE

    omg jason is so funnyy omg i love it!

  18. Rizzla s

    Dont try to fit in

  19. Shade On A Cool Day

    This nigga gay

  20. Emanuele Costantini

    Anchovies on pizza is a normal thing in Italy 🇮🇹 and we invented ahahah

  21. Candice Dice

    That stairmaster is a bitch though

  22. Tyler McDonald

    6:15 bet y’all didn’t catch that Frozen Lobster 🦞 like if you would trade houses for a day w/ Jason

  23. LuvfaMoneyGreenwade1

    Get Ace Hood On here

  24. Martha Glay

    Everything about u is just super cool..luv u Jason 😍✌

  25. Nigel Khan

    That hairstyle is Fire 🙂

  26. Tre Terry

    Michael B. Jordan?

  27. Doctor Fivos

    3:02 wtf was that

  28. Pretty Boy Flizzy

    He has a good personality

  29. vijay vj

    Next should be brad pitt

  30. Mektek19

    Come on son take that ugly ass yellow out your hair. You're a grown man.

  31. entyce66

    My favorite episode

  32. rich brian

    I like his altitude ,he’s a nice guy .

  33. Ark Corps

    damn didn't know he was that disciplined, mad respect bro!

  34. dark knight

    Love the gym and fridge episodes it helps me reignite that fire for health and fitness

  35. Magick

    Chris brown next

  36. John Pierce

    We need ace hood lebron james asap💪💪

  37. Nahum Eikenberry

    He is a very organized guy.

  38. Clark Fogang

    I don't know why, but a few times when he was speaking, Jason sounded like breezy.
    By the Way, you guys gotta get Chris Brown to come to the show.
    I like it's answer: Bruce Lee, the work out would be very unconventional 😆

  39. Andy Peters

    Big headed twat i hope he gets aids tosser

  40. Wens Paul


  41. 24

    Get Stallone Van Damme Jacki Chan action stars to show their fridge please

  42. GED Gert

    Lol for real sometimes I be sippin liq with my protein
    If Arnold can do it so can I

  43. Tom Lazorik

    YES! Jason knows intermittent fasting is the way

  44. David Gorman

    What a dope guy

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