Jax Jones, Martin Solveig, Madison Beer – All Day And Night (Late Night Session)

All-weather and nightly Madison beer – the first track of the new project Europa from Jax Jones and Martin Solveig – is now here! Stream/purchase: ….

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  1. Chromie main

    the guy on the right sure is into keyboards

  2. Thomas Sutton

    The original is faithless insomnia drop at 2:18

  3. Umar Aq

    Shese probably thinking about LOGAN PAUL and singing

  4. Johannes dat Blue

    impressive. New music that catches me 🙂 i like the beat and her voice^^

  5. Ryan_rhys Williams

    Is that dua lipa

  6. Richard Wiking

    I hear this …. i want to go to fucking club and be there all day and all night nonstop ..

  7. gábor szalay

    Mi a faszom ez a szar?This is Music?

  8. nkosinathi ngema

    Martin, Jax and Madison z🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. Rebeca Souza

    amoooo essa musica!!!! <3<3

  10. Ewelina M.

    Jax rulezzz👍💫

  11. Torashin1

    What’s the name of that song the electronic bit based on? It’s really annoying me!
    It’s an old EDM belter

  12. FroZen- Twice

    The lady is beautiful Waaahhh

  13. Luisa Connor

    I wanna be a singer when I grow up and everyone says I have a good voice and so dis my friend Lana please come to me in Johnson

  14. John Metzger

    👙 Booyah.

  15. Ahmed Zibi

    Mute + Wipes = Thank me.

  16. Decidueye

    I want more songs Jax

  17. Alex Hancill

    Bring back the 2010's

  18. Nikola Skálová


  19. kubzee

    sounds like Sash! – Ecuador

  20. jeff knudsen

    Great beat and DJ. Not a big fan of the lyrics or the singing though.

  21. caty cat

    One of the best songs of 2019 🙂

  22. nodi db

    She is angel

  23. ben chaplin


  24. SACHA Rondier

    The pure angelic song of god

  25. Dominique Oosthuizen

    It’s really nice when you can understand what in the flying fuck the artist are saying and you can vibe to it AND sing along AND understand what the fuck you are saying not just hujjjjjjiuytferttgyhhu I love your body (beat). thinking ing your head yup that sounds right.

  26. char char

    std; str; cloose

  27. BSpazTs

    Sounds like insomnia

  28. Youssef Houaoui

    fuckk she is bad

  29. 옞.


  30. Lahai Boima

    Fuck yeah Gee bro where you at.

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