Jazz Music | Smooth Jazz Saxophone | Relaxing Background Music with the Sound of Ocean Waves

Smooth jazz music accompanied by the sound of the waves – relax this 3-hour smooth jazz background music, combined with soothing ocean sounds…

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  1. Dr. SaxLove

    The famous red phone booth on the beach in this video is located at Dickerson Bay in Antigua and Barbuda at the Coconut Grove Restaurant. I want to be there now! 😎~Dr. SaxLove

  2. Monica Stockli

    Awesome music that touches the soul 💞!

  3. Jose Avalom

    Sun , Jazz , Bike and a big mountain to climb 💞 ( bello…! )

  4. Lamia Arouni

    Like it

  5. Victor Oran Almaraz

    Superrr muy cachondito, me encanta estando tomándo unos "Drimkys".

  6. Jayesh Panicker

    Greetings from India 🇮🇳
    3 hours of relaxing jazz music without any ads.
    Thank you Dr. Saxlove for this amazing piece of music.
    Lots of love. 😍

  7. Justin Ali


  8. Inger Rogers

    I was looking at your Dr. Saxlove t-shirts and hoodies; why don't you put a "purple saxophone" behind your name? Purple represents passion, why not? Just an idea.

  9. Inger Rogers

    Baby it's You, Dr. Saxlove, Always listening, Ms. Jazzette🎷🎶🎺🎼🎵🎻🍦✌💖💯

  10. Cynthia israel fan

    i made jazz music when i was 8 years old it was outside on my grandmas portch and i used to bang on the table outside and use my pretend saxphone to make music it was just like this i used to make up songs

  11. Themba Oscar Ngcobo

    2019 sisaphakamisa from South Africa

  12. Themba Oscar Ngcobo

    The best genre never gets old

  13. Mandla Mabika

    Playback speed 1.25…

  14. Burger the Bear

    I loved most of it but man those chimes are aggressive! xD

  15. Federal Bureau Of Investigation

    Beautiful jazz music for 3 hours with no interruptions, I salute you my friend, much thanks

  16. It's SEMAR The goat

    nothing better then cool jazz to get you in your feeling u know;)

  17. Alex Biggs

    "Supperb" do I have to phone home !!

  18. Albert Flores

    Best of all no commercials thank you!

  19. Shiv namericaneprit246bc

    Young jazz take me for 2 and more an more hour just to break my strong phy. Trance heart its music that make my strong and strong mind and heart like old jazz…keep listing….got new one…….with title song….

  20. Lance Cotton

    Currently studying for the CA BAR Exam. Having this playing in the background really keeps me at ease!

  21. tee butler


  22. SirPicklJohn

    Jeez even with the opening notes, you swept me away!

  23. TheFatter TheRatter

    My sister was about to beat my ass then I played this and she still beat me but with jazz

  24. Pedro soliano

    wherever that is, it would be so nice to soak in the sun with a pina colada , enjoying the breeze and listen to sounds of waves

  25. Hot Potato

    No ads? 🙇

  26. Collin B

    My yearbook class came across DrSaxLove at the beginning of the year! We’ve been listening to his smooth jazz every single day it really helps us get our work done! Thanks DrSaxLove the senior class appreciates you

  27. SilverNiko 974

    Helping me with my work… I have my final oral exam tomorrow 😭 wish me luck

  28. ADubbie Phresh

    This is sooooothin, I feel cleansed! Thank You for this!

  29. Anne Hawkins

    The music sounds so great

  30. Fran V G Constantine

    Love this collection, thank you Dr. SaxLove

  31. Pedro Rodrigues


  32. Troy Lee


  33. Vuyiswa Mokhothu

    i love your music

  34. Jack Skinner

    great sounds

  35. Jack Skinner

    classical and modern i love it

  36. Jack Skinner

    sam smith

  37. Eith’R-yeg {Kig-yar_alien}

    Please explain why 5.4K people had the time to search this very specific thing and say, "I don't like this, even though I searched it!" and hit dislike?

  38. Yolo Star streamer

    I moved away from my grandma and I miss her a lot. Most of these songs she has but just with words. I love this. It makes me think of her. THANK YOU FOR THIS 🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

  39. Nikola the SLAV

    Hardbass might be lyfe
    But Jazz make's you relax while your eating mekici at mekicite od straza

  40. Dominique Holcomb

    I love you SaxLove Beautiful the summer I love the weather

  41. M J

    Playing this in my car on this misty day while riding the city after becoming a home buyer.Saxophon hitting my ears just right..Helps me through the intense moments. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🤑🤑🤑.Thank you for uploading

  42. Parlog Robert


  43. Jayce Ledet

    Not gonna a lie, I’m a rocker, 80s and also 80s country, but as a sax player this really soothes me for studying, thanks a lot🎷🎶🎵

  44. Abdullah Asad

    Good to play on honneymoon 😍😘

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