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  1. Ivar Fritjof Hansen

    Thanks for all great comments on this song i made…

  2. Rain Light

    Herregud! Den her traff meg skikkelig, utrolig bra flyt! 🙂 Akkurat sånn type musikk jeg liker, classy!

  3. Leonard Galan

    Very smooth hits my brain and feels good

  4. Leonard Galan


  5. Patricia Ndombe

    i likey

  6. Ivar Fritjof Hansen

    if you get a downloader for youtube you get this:)surch on google….

  7. tiopaul

    Download link?

  8. Ivar Fritjof Hansen

    super bass is the name of the bass sound go to F8 and look at categories there find bass and there you find superbass:)) F8 in the screen of korg karma


    Exelente sintetizador, yo hiba a tener uno igual pero el maldito vendedor por internet desgraciado me robo mi dinero…
    que se lo meta por el culo .., perdon por la expresion pero sigo molesto por esa accion y por que no he podido tener este synte en mis manos….

  10. StudioF

    great track

  11. Ivar Fritjof Hansen

    @Perrin2310 hello when i work with a combi i go into the combi and change those sounds i want change in this i change the orginal bass sound yes:) i do that a lot:)

  12. Ivar Fritjof Hansen

    @Perrin2310 ey you chache the bass, plase teell me what! this i dont understand what you mean here??? chache the bass?? is it the tones i use you ask for? or the name of the bass

  13. Bruce Carabine

    Very cool song. I love the slap bass. Great melody and structure. Great chops and a very hip tune. Keep it up.

  14. Ivar Fritjof Hansen

    thanks for the comment about my way of playing, i always work with my skills every day. and i work with right sounds to my songs. in this i find a great groove it helps me a lot to make this song. but this korg karma is so deep man take many ours to figure out things. but when you figure out a thing you get a lots of joy and gun. thats the fine thing with korg karma its inspired to go further with your building of songs.

  15. Sgipon

    Very well done!!! 5 stars!

  16. LadyD Piano

    fabulous… I love this groove!

  17. graywolf2004ru

    Nice theme, sounds ready for some party 🙂

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