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  1. Andre Salazar

    This idiot clearly has no clue WTF he’s talking about! #WhatAGoof

  2. SDEQid

    The only reason I see is that Trump needs achievement in his position, and he is running out of time to be a good president that does something. He has no options. Jim

  3. Michael McBride

    Now, we need trade policy that helps the American worker get higher real wages.

  4. thomas 71

    Sounds like B.S., three years of talk that haven’t changed anything!

  5. jimbo6711

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  6. spodacus


  7. Owen Walker

    Farmers taking bailouts because they are sitting on literal mountains of soybeans. Tarrifs work.😂

  8. Yun Fu

    Lol these trailer trash now spinning hard haha , what did the tariffs do exactly , got agricultural purchases that China would have done anyways if the trade war didn’t start ? Lol

  9. Dylan Renteria

    Soooooooounnnnnds like time for Damage control. Phase 7257784336788843466655677 of the trade deal will be completed in 2089.

  10. Joey Gee

    Hold on. Did China cancel their tariffs? If not, what has changed?

  11. Jeff Heinzel

    This was a terrible watered down deal. Its all smoke and mirrors,. Trump is a fraud

  12. Korn Pop

    is this the same guy that said tariffs were a bad idea for usa business and consumers?

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