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  1. RESatt999

    Jim Cramer is so dumb and doesn't understand China at all if China wants to stop HongKong protest, they can just cut off the internet, water supply, and power supply, or blockade the sea and air space around Hongkong, there is no need to send troops at all. The Chinese government actually wants Hongkong to have these protests for many reasons. One of them is to drive out foreign influences from Hongkong eventually, one has to set fire to the rat-nests to lure the rat out.

  2. Josh Asprey

    HKers finally realise that red china has no intention in waiting untill 2047 to finally swallow HK!..HK has been a beacon of democracy.. freedom..free will..it has been a huge thorn in china's chest and a real threat!..as it may infect the whole mainland china and overturn communism and the ruling party!

  3. Lee Steven

    Cramer is so right, most Public China stock markets through Hong Kong.

  4. rogers owen

    so this big hairless china hater comes out again

  5. Yang TVBOX

    How much they get pay for protests

  6. Phil 488 Pista

    What is not being reported by western media https://youtu.be/HjcNRYdEnXI

  7. Yang TVBOX

    Hong Kong people need get a life

  8. Destiny tran

    Jim, you need to SHUT UP!

  9. Worldwide Fairness

    Hong Kong is a part of China and the 2 systems government is being sabotaged by these Protesters bringing forward the return to full 1 system Chinese system… Remember that Hong Kong was taken using force by the British a few hundred years ago.

  10. MrBigEnchilada

    Lol why are people so worried about HK, worry about your own country bro. Your airports are broken too

  11. Cabin John

    Cramer is a ting again and insane. He must be drunk. Lol.

  12. The Generalist

    When did CNBC and Cramer become communists? I know Cramer was a loudmouth, but I didn't think he would be a commie.

  13. Galenda Wagen

    I can’t figure out what this is saying. Is he drunk? Oy vey.

  14. Abui

    Wow Jim you really should consider a new job selection

  15. Clard CR

    1989 the US gov: Why you send PLA, you are the devil.
    2019 the US gov: Why you DON'T send PLA, you are the devil.
    Chinese gov: I don't give a shit, any way you will blame me.

  16. Clard CR

    Hong Kong protesters now don't even let Westen passengers onboard to airplanes. Westen travelers can't go back home now. There are many videos can tell you what's happening there…
    They hurt and beat people whoever is not on their side mentally and physically.
    Just like 1989.6.4 the protesters did on Tian-An-Men Square….
    Chinese people is not really ready for Democracy. They think Democracy = Do whatever you want to get your right, even based on hurting others right.

  17. david tan

    How do you know carrie lam is sincere in wanting to bring hk back to normal.. ?
    The only way to temporarily end protest is for carrie lam to make meaningful diagolue with protesters.. which until now she won’t.

  18. William Tan

    China will not be lured into a color revolution trap.

  19. William Tan

    *How LONG do you believe the Chinese government will tolerate mob violence in the streets of Hong Kong BEFORE sending in more troops*?

    When there are massive numbers of body counts in the street daily, and the whole world yelling at China to do something, then maybe China will do something. Which is another way to say “how about never”.

    *People still seem to be confused about TWO things*. One is the relationship between Hong Kong and Mainland China. The other is about the essential Hong Kong society.

    On the relationship between Hong Kong and China – the media portrays it almost like between New York and the US. It’s not. *It’s more like between Puerto Rico and the U.S*.

    *Hong Kong’s education system is ENTIRELY in English, NOT in Chinese*.
    Hong Kong’s Chief Executive, was educated in Oxford. She, and her husband, and her two children, are all holders of British passports. Mrs. Lam is a classic British-trained civil servant until she rose to the level of HK Chief Executive, when she had to give up UK passport for a PRC one, because one really can’t be a UK citizen while being the top leader in a Chinese city. The rest of her family are still British.

    *Hong Kong’s BIGGEST bank is HSBC*, which *made its FIRST pot of gold from financing the illegal opium trade into China*, and now a top UK bank headquartered in London.

    *Hong Kong is run by TYCOONS, all of them having MULTIPLE foreign passports*. The richest HK tycoon is a Canadian living in UK.

    *China doesn’t mind if the UK offered ALL HKers UK citizenship at the time of Handover*, like what Portugal did to Macao residents. *The British government NOT only refused to do so itself*, *but tried to prevent Portugal from doing so to the Macao residents*.

    The rich, and some middle-class HKers got the Anglo passports.

    *14 out of 18 judges in Hong Kong’s highest court are foreigners*. The latest appointed high-court judges are one from the UK and one from Canada. The President of Hong Kong’s bar association is also a Brit trained in Lincolns Inn.

    Hong Kong has NEVER, EVER, paid a dime of tax TO the PRC*. Hong Kong’s GDP is *NOT included in the calculation of PRC’s GDP.

    There is a “hard border” between Hong Kong and Mainland China. Visa, passport, customs, tariffs, border patrol, the whole deal.

    OK then, the money is Anglo money, the prominent citizens are British or Canadian, the top executive is Oxford-trained, the judges and lawyers are all British/Canadian/Australian – *EXACTLY what is there for China to lose anyway*? The zip code? LOL! *The zip code goes with the land*, and *the land isn’t going anywhere*.

    Hurricane Maria left ~ 3,000 dead and an estimated $90 billion in damage in Puerto Rico. Two years later, the US Government has so far handed out $11 billion in disaster relief aid. Just look around you – how heart-broken are the Americans feeling towards the Spanish-speaking Puerto Ricans? Not much? Well there you have it!

    The second thing that people don’t seem to get a grip on is the essential nature of the Hong Kong society. *It is COMMON knowledge that Hong Kong is run by TYCOONS*.

    Well then, you may ask, how can a state run by tycoons be a modern society? Well you are right. *Hong Kong is NOT a modern society*. It’s a throw-back of the medieval oligarchical city-state with 21 century social media tooling. There used to be a lot of these city-states in Europe, especially in Italy, such as Milan, Mantua, Florence, the Republic of Venice, etc. These city-states became prosperous when the surrounding countryside were wrecked by banditry and lawlessness, reaching their zenith during the , and then all faded away when they became hostages to oligarchical monopoly and cronyism. *EVERY SINGLE ONE of them, to be REPLACED by MODERN states*.

    *Hong Kong follows the SAME trajectory. It got rich when China was closed to the world*, and *Hong Kong was the only window through which it traded with the rest of the world*. Jardine and Matheson were the opium traders, and HSBC was the opium financier.

    *During WWII Hong Kong was defended by the British, the Canadian, and the Indians for a grand total of TWO weeks*, *before surrendering the city to the Japanese*. What about the native HKers? They didn’t do jack-sh*t. *They were the colonized. A different overlord was coming in, so what*.

    *Post Korean War in 1953, the US placed PRC on the embargo list*, so *ALL the Western countries and their allies were not allowed to do business with China*, *NOT even when China was experiencing famine*, the Aussies and the Canadians were not allowed to sell wheat to China. Hong Kong, being a British colony, was the only route through which trade with China, legal or illegal, occurred. The sole channel to a billion consumers. So it got rich. *But once the US lifted its 21-year embargo in 1971*, *Hong Kong’s importance to China trade started to diminish*, and it’s city-state trajectory became part of the irresistible grind of the wheel of history, like all those other independent city-states in history.

    *So what went wrong*? Often, these cities evolved political systems that gave wealthy merchants direct control over governance, and they used that power to make life miserable for the competition.

    “ *The big drawback is that once a group of people are running their OWN affairs, they’re also looking out for their OWN interests*,” he says. “So they start setting up barriers to outsiders coming in and all these restrictions on others engaging in commerce within the city limits.”

    As oligarchies closed to outside commerce, the European cities began to slowly decline. Their closest successors today might be autonomous Asian cities like Hong Kong and Singapore, which share their economic dynamism as well as some of their .


    The TYCOONS of Hong Kong are NOT any wiser OR more altruistic than the Doges of Venice, or the Medici’s and the Machiavelli’s of the Florentine Republic. Thus *Hong Kong today has 15% poverty rate*, the *average Joe pays 70% of his income on rent*, *lives in an apartment the size of the average kitchen in the West*, *working their butts off for the enrichment of one of the tycoons*, but *still can’t save enough for retirement*. But that’s OK because they can still enjoy the “freedom” to oppress their Filipino maids! HKers employ a massive 400,000 Filipino maids to do the cooking and cleaning, who are legally banned from living outside of their masters’ apartments, and legally allowed only one day a week off. And if they get pregnant by their male masters, will, they have two weeks to get out of the city, by Hong Kong’s law! The tycoons live in grand country manors up on the hill, passing their real estate monopoly, utility monopoly, transportation monopoly, food supply monopoly, etc., to their children, without paying a dime in tax. *They did NOT build any world-class industry*. They don’t have to. *They have written the laws to safeguard local MONOPOLY in PERPETUITY*.

    *ALL of this is essentially etched in stone at the time of the Handover*, and *cannot be changed until after 2047*.

    The idea that Hong Kong tycoons care about “democracy” is as ludicrous as the Afghan mujahideens care about “freedom”. If anybody gives a da*n about “democracy”, he’d at least pay taxes and fund a good public education. Not Hong Kong. *Hong Kong TYCOONS wrote “LOW tax” into the city’s mini-constitution*, and *fund fewer of its youngsters to go to colleges and universities than the war-wrecked non-state Palestine*.

    It’s not that people didn’t realize where Hong Kong was going. *People have known this for at least 20 years*. This issue was raised even before the handover, because you can literally read about a couple hundred examples of this from history books! But *Hong Kong’s problems can only be solved BY HKers*, 🇭🇰 and the worst aspect of the British political culture, which was unfortunately learned by heart by the HK politicians, is basically “ *solve INTERNAL problems INTERNATIONALLY*, 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇨🇦
    *solve ECONOMIC problems MILITARILY*”. 💂🏻💂‍♀

    Well if that’s the case, *Beijing is PERFECTLY HAPPY 🤩 to just close off the border*, and *let HKers 🇭🇰 burn down the Admiralty THEMSELVES*….💥🔥

  20. daniel林鲲


  21. wei yang


  22. leetangfai sdlan

    Chinese are suffering from pork starvation and the American are overfeeding with soya beans. The biggest Nobel Prize’s Economic finding this year from this Trade War will be that Chinese are gonna be as thin as laths and the American are gonna fart all the time …

  23. ram lee

    HK protest : corn on toe, US trade war : Mad Cow Disease

  24. Jee Kang

    Hahaha Cramer just called Carrie Lam the CEO of Hong Kong… so much credibility for a guy that doesn’t even know the proper position of the leader of Hong Kong… Cramer – just go and get some sleep mate. You look tired af

  25. William Li

    He was saying bj can't ignore it anymore, but didn't say what happened to bj if PLA goes to hk.
    Also PLA is the party private army, not the state army, is there legality in entering hk?

  26. MrCurlykid1

    Jesus Jim. Free market Capitalism let it reign!

  27. Yasi Li

    It almost sounds like they hope PLA to intervene. What a hypocrite!

  28. Bradley Scalio

    Agree, Jim you're lost here. Not even a brief, "Look, what's happening to the people of Hong Kong, the blatant disregard China has had towards unification process & guidelines, and the brutality police have shown is not only disgusting but also very worriesome for the safety of the people, the prevailing winds of free society, and the mandate the PLA will get if no one, ie US and the West, intervene."

    Then you can go into your capitalism concerns, but seriously capitalism & the competing social structures is exactly what got us here in Hong Kong, that and the imperialism of the West.

  29. V.L.


  30. Tom Hicks

    Who gives a duck about your stupid stock market. The support for these protests are huge in Hong Kong.
    Keep up the fight

  31. PianoMan 2018

    They’re fighting for freedom AND freedom isn’t free. Unlike the United States, Hong Kong wont be bullied by China. All we can do is wait and see.

  32. Dan D

    Introduce an infectious virus into the airport ventilation system that'll make them sick for days with diarrhea and vomit. If you want to be cruel, cut off water and power supply so they can't clean themselves. These young people are not afraid of crackdown, but if you make life unbearable for them, you'll break their spirit. They're used to the simple comforts. Authorities can deny responsibility. Epidemics happen all the time. No need for troops, and no international uproar.

  33. Warrior

    Hong Kong people stand your ground

  34. Chilli Lucas 智利仔 - The Cantonese Guy

    What the hell is this bald-ass dude talking about! Are you just saying, let's kill people so we can get the airport to function? That is how this guy with a silver spoon shoved up his ass sees the world?!

  35. Jo Liu

    Riots in Hong Kong has turned you guys on. You have been squirting for like 3 months now. Never seen a pussy so tight like this. But hey, don’t forget your period on every 4th of June. ✌️Peace

  36. Mark C

    Cramer talked so much crap for what. Hong Kong belongs to China which have been quite tolerance with the radical's protestors. How do you expect the HK police to politely asked them to leave HK airport without using force. You tell me what is your solutions. Do you think Carrie Lam's withdraw the extradition bill, Carrie's resign and investigation to Police's excessive use of force would satisfy the radical protestors. Come on, cut the crap. These damned HK youngsters know nut about democracy and they are just to brainwash by the Western media especially your country and the UK. What the fuck in one of the Channel NewsAsia (CNA) video clip showing a white Caucasian with a trolley at HK airport joined the protestors' sit in and beside the trolley was an American flag. What the fuck America has to do with a Chinese problem. HK problem is for the Chinese to settle themselves. I urge the Westerners stop playing with fire under the pretext of democracy, human rights blah blah blah.

  37. VibeX MaTxeMa

    thes3 cia backed rioters in hk should be punished

  38. Man Yau Edwin Law

    Hong Kongner will not elect and support mafia Trump because they are not deplorable like Trump voters are. Any violent , destructive behaviour to affect economy are not good for all protesters. It should be solved out by peaceful dialogue now.

  39. revaholic

    Total idiot. The irony is that the airport protests are by far the most conflict free. It is literally just a lot of people in one place chanting

  40. Greay Hanzer

    People choose revolution when they are not bored with life, but they have never seen that they think they are revolution, but they make people bored with life.

  41. Lar M

    Hong Kong has gained her status from pawn to castle on Donald Trump's chess board with China on Trade War.

  42. Patrick

    Cramer is a smart guy, I like him, he always speaks out the truth strightly. HK airport shoule be cleaned by HK police ASAP, which is very restrained in these series of protests.

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