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  1. 426firefly

    trump never want a deal, he want tariff to cover the tax cut cost. basically let average folks pay more tax ( most products from China consume by average people, rich people donot consume that much ) for rich people's tax cut.

  2. Suwarto Suwarto

    Rumit dan keras pertarunganya.

  3. Suwarto Suwarto

    Yang rugi Cina kalau tidak di hitung ulang dan dampaknya banyak.hihi

  4. R E

    They need to. They are getting their butts handed to them. Manufacturing numbers just out in China were the worse since 2002.

  5. augiedogie88

    President Trump /America has China finally in it's sights. China will be put in line.

  6. Kwame Oduro

    Shocked Trump has blinked in this trade war as he will normally not. May be us economy has started bleeding

  7. Ismail AliAliAli

    Why China always need to save face? What kind of interviewer? US, Britain, France got no face?

  8. Rof Lhard

    Can China keep selling to the US if the US says no thank you? I think not.

  9. yy l

    'Art of Wars' Vs 'Art of Deals'

  10. omgitsmario7

    China well win

  11. Roy Y

    the American consumer today is still 40% of world purchasing power. Very few things made in china can’t be made elsewhere. The longer the trade war goes on, more US multinational will divert supply chains away from china (already happening in droves)… taking with it jobs and factories. european companies that sell to the US, will also do the same! news release today shows china manufacturing slow to 17 year low. even if ‘only’ 10-20% of foreign companies ditch china for elsewhere… that by itself will have DEVASTATING effects on chinese growth. of course no winners in a trade war, BUT with 1 billion citizens to employ and feed, the prospects of ongoing trade friction is not pretty for china. the chinese lady commentator is right, trump is not in a hurry to get a deal done. he achieves his goals with or without a deal…

  12. Michael Loo

    Why does the West always proclaim that China wants to save face? Isn't the delay in the tariff by the Trump Adminiistration is about saving their own face so that they can hope for closure on the trade talks. Sigh!

  13. RedRider1600

    She's British. Why does she speak with an American accent?

  14. light traveller

    Back to the basics, is anyone aware of the basic nature of communism?

    Other than Karl Marx himself another well known communist leader Leon Trotsky gives the answer to that, terrorism is the backbone of communism. This is written clearly in his book, titled Terrorism and Communism. It is still on sale, google it and you can find it easily.

  15. Haha MissMiss

    US: China, currency manipulator
    Experts: US, fake news manufacturer; gaslighter

  16. Rhett Tian


  17. Philip Yap

    China will not be distracted from her main goal of restructuring her economy, double her effort on MIC 2025, build a resilient supply chains less dependence on unreliable suppliers. She will only spend necessary effort to mitigate external challenges.

  18. abc def

    someone, teach me some about world economy. I am not chinese. but here it goes. china said "hey USA, were you the one who said about free trade before we even knew about what free trade meant?" so we sold things to USA, and we bought things from japan and those money we earned from you went to japan. so what is this complain? Hey USA, Why can't you sell things to japan that they might like? what is this tariff? this trade war is weird and all lies to me. so i prefer protection trade. you selll 100 to us then you buy 100 from us. no problem whatso ever. dont lie about free trade

  19. Lin Jeremy


  20. Mohd Amin


  21. LTLT007

    The west always has some kind of weird understanding of "save face".

  22. Michael Westcott

    trying to c if he wins in 20 20 if he losses they will never back down

  23. Walter Chen

    America is the most warlike country in the world,no one.

  24. Walter Chen

    Korea, Vietnam, panama, somalia, kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan
    America is a young country with a history of only over 200 years. The history of the United States is a history of strategic expansion. According to official statistics of the United States, the United States has been using force frequently in foreign countries during and after the cold war. During the cold war, the United States conducted about 125 large-scale foreign military operations. Since 1990, the United States has sent troops to other countries more than 40 times under various pretense such as implementing UN resolutions, maintaining peace, providing humanitarian assistance, opposing aggression and protecting the lives and property of American citizens, among which 10 have been strong military interventions in other countries.

  25. 漢仔

    No deal for US until next yr. Good deals for the rest .👏👏👏

  26. NaP

    winning, so much, sooooooo much

  27. Nigol T.

    Like it or not, China is colonizing all over the world. She can yap all day long, doesn't mean a thing.

  28. yanzhi meng

    Right after the Chinese professor said the Chinese currency depreciation was a market behaviour, the female host stated we were in a currency war and trade war. Why do they interview the economists if they just want to say certain things on TV?

  29. jane jane

    i guess trump wont say it's gonna be an easy win now.

  30. Music Calgary

    Good, and easy to win. Winning!

  31. bill will

    I remembered orange head said trade war is easy to win.

  32. Mahad Sayid


  33. Mahad Sayid

    Subarmarketonekilokafeetwoalif kenyafiftrencent juwsiwaigoohle twenty

  34. hfrewa

    This is propaganda! China hasnt made any fucking concessions and they backed out of a deal that they had in place! Bloomberg is pushing fake news!

  35. 222light Atoms

    Why everytime I see a t.v. reporter from the country of China or anybody reporting from China they seemed frightened to say something against China. It's almost as if there scared for some reason.

  36. Vietkong Fire

    HSBC has a history of money laundering in all kinds of dark business

  37. Jim Cole

    Stop buying discretionary things from overseas people.

  38. Raza Khan

    Bloomberg = Another mouthpiece and propaganda machine of American regime

  39. Tor Bai


  40. Ivy Istok

    Anyway that’s saved their big faces actually…..

  41. J L

    China's changing to Sun Zi's Art of War, "Win without fighting". Shunting this coming Sept meeting. Go figure.

  42. Louwrens De Kock

    China is very clever

  43. Walter Chen

    The great American empire was beaten out of the 38th parallel by a small and weak China! ? What about your faces, yankees? hahahahahahahahaha

  44. Victor Valdez

    this slant bitch in beijing only takes BWC

  45. Perfect Students

    Chinese export to the U. S. looks big but is only about 3% of China's GDP. If China-U.S. trade completely stops, both sides will hurt but neither will collapse.

    What you don't know is American companies sell $300+billion in China, while Chinese companies only sell $50 billion in the U.S. The losses will be big for American companies.

  46. Walter Chen

    Remember the Korean war, yankees? Every thought of this war makes me laugh at you. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  47. Walter Chen


  48. William Tan

    All Chinese laws must be respected and not replaced by American ones. All dispute must be addressed in Chinese language in Chinese courts

  49. dlwatib

    These guys ask the stupidest, most obscure questions ever. They all should be fired. I could do better by reading a bowl of alphabet soup.

  50. Zazhali Bahrom

    US will flip flop in this trade deal

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