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  2. Ali Mejia

    Hasta ahorita me entero de esto

  3. Lamiel Rose


  4. Nuevos multitarea Josue Pineda

    Good morning cocomelon

  5. JJ

    Good morning!

  6. Niedja Samara

    Brasil, natal

  7. Rainbow Robots

    nice video! 🙂

  8. Maleeha A

    omg so cute 🥰

  9. Djabri Rami

    عائلة سمير و مزكين

  10. Anthony ferrer

    Do my grandpa song

  11. Tigo Tigo


  12. 123TOON

    1:23 Funny Voice

  13. Ali ali.220


  14. Durri Durrani

    डटप ड

  15. Durri Durrani

    डटप ड

  16. مطبخ أم أحمد آدم

    صباح الورد والياسمين والورد والياسمين يا جميل

  17. Nursery Folks

    Wow This is great 🍓🍇🍋🍊🍎💦💧☔🔥❄🍒

  18. Lesly Garcia Garcia


  19. Super Boy.


  20. KD & LK Playground

    My daughter loves Cocomelon!

  21. Trevor's Toys & Candy & Games

    Cool video!

  22. LYDKEV Lagamani like for this song good

  23. Nudam Dissanayake

    J.J's super famous. Is he the Mayor?!

  24. rps Singh

    Nice video

  25. Maria Martinez

    Boba eyes are still swelling

  26. Arianna Vasquez

    Good video ❤❣it's beautiful

  27. Leyla Afghan

    From Germany

  28. Boom Moo Tv

    your big fan watch regularly full well done

  29. Mia Gylling

    My littlebrother love YOUR VIDEOS

  30. Tameka Harris

    Good morning ☀️ My grandson is gonna enjoy this video😂

  31. Asma Akter

    It might be his birthday.

  32. Jeremiah’s Empire


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