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  1. Nox Fortes

    My phone caught on fire as soon as JL started dropping bars

  2. Jeffrey K

    Suli4Q is so dope, the man vibes on everything

  3. Baird Carver

    JL doesn’t make any bad music, cant wait till him and iso start working together.

  4. Corey James

    Video references people


  5. Ghost Dogg

    I can’t be the only one who saw him paying homage to ice cube

  6. Johnathan Torres


  7. wahbuddy

    This beat is great.

  8. David koon

    It's better then ku af can't wait to hear this thump in my trunk.


    Truly magnificent!

  10. Greg Lotito

    The bars in this song! Y’all sleepin on my boy JL. This dude is the truth

  11. In Vincable

    Does anybody else get satisfied once they hear StRANGE at the end

  12. Mallory G


  13. Doon Pablo

    Nice 😎✌

  14. Famous By Association

    LOVE this record 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Nico Mero

    Was hoping for a music video for the song with Joey cool on it. I think that was the best song on the album.

  16. wildman solow


  17. Jon Munday

    Man JL one of the hardest in the game point blank period🎯🎯
    I'm waiting on a JL and King Iso collabo

  18. Sitdown

    Brain scatter vibes 🔥 Suli4Q great as well his production on tech's song planet was great too

  19. Ryan Hanson

    Jl bangin. Dude can spit. Another song to ride to

  20. Ray Robinson

    They look like a young tech and Kaliko In that scene towards the end of the video

  21. StirCrazySPP


  22. Wickert critterz

    pretty sick! strange getting more mainstream sounding but they do it right

  23. peter jordason

    "Picture me rolling view at laguna beach

    Puffing a cube and giving someone the big kahuna speech" JL is fucking fire

  24. KiLLsViLLe

    J fukn L not SweatiN a DamN ThinG! 🐍 👑 🦇 #CheckMate

  25. Tuned2it KCMO

    This is a banger fo' sho'. Be nice if Grant Rice had a verse tho.

  26. F8L Homie

    You're so weird hahaha strange!!!!

  27. Elisabell Baker

    Whooo raised youuu….? 😜

  28. Fira lugnadh

    U Wana hear the beast, jl got the fire, light a flame under ur devils ass he say too hot. Keep on n here b the next g.o.a.t.

  29. Suade shoes


  30. T9's Battlefield Gaming EGN_ARTS

    My MUMMA!!!…^S^…

  31. Ian Hellsing

    this is dope yo

  32. grim reapers brother dave

    Damn he straight up pulling snoop on the bike slim in the hospital 🤣🤣🤣

  33. SmellyMellys GamePlay


  34. Charles McClellan

    Great video, and great song. JL is fire for sure with obvious respect for the culture.

  35. Henson Jefd

    He sounds like godamis in this, but with more personality.

  36. King Ttm

    strange is going brazyyyyyyyyyyy right now

  37. Darkwing

    Raised by real hip hop/rap. #ItGoesUp #DIBKIS

  38. Zack Barber

    Lyrics are dope, video is dumb af

  39. IQ

    JL with that immaculate flow

  40. Perez


  41. Perez


  42. C4cTuS

    JL is so fire! hyped for all his realeses, favorite artist on Strange fo sho!

  43. Joel Cruz817

    Damn im an hr late sorry n shit!

  44. Fufu Blade

    121 comments already. Dayum.

    🔥🔥 This is why I don't mind the wait for JL songs to drop.

  45. Lorenzo Billy Begay

    Ooouuu!!! I don't kno' where dey marching 2 but B-ware!!! 💪💪💪 imagine JL ft. E-40 & Trizz 🤔🤔🤔

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