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  1. مانجا- MANGA

    ادمااان 😶

  2. Cassandra Zyss

    My Mon sang this on guitar, Everytime I watch this brings me to Tears since her Passing Oct 1st 1988

  3. arshid alibhai

    #Timeless… 💖💖💖

  4. Fabansky

    Saya masih pegang sita

  5. 1903 feda

    Lowe you türkiye

  6. Jennifer Loewenstein

    There’s still no singer whose voice compares with Joan Baez’. She was and is one of a kind…

  7. 김나라

    청춘이 다지나갔군요~~
    이노래 부를 때가 어제같은데

  8. Williams Postoronnim

    Юный Боб Дилан промелькнул. Тоже кумир нашей юности!

  9. Александр Розов

    Great Sholom Secunda!!!

  10. Victor Kim

    My favorite singer .

  11. Yahya Cetinkaya

    Müziğin evrensel dili insanı büyülüyor .

  12. Hari Priyo Handoko

    Jadi inget waktu kuliah dulu

  13. batman81fox

    Scoperta ora grazie ad X-Factor….Bellissima canzone!

  14. 𓊈 𝐀𝐬𝐩𝐡𝐨𝐝𝐞𝐥 𓊉

    What a voice! A heartbreakingly beautiful voice

  15. Zil Haque9977

    wow awasme this voice.love froom 🇧🇩🗺🎸BD

  16. Nazri Ismailov

    I like this song

  17. 김인성

    good music… thnak you for music..

  18. Patsy Porter

    This song is a treasure to me! a kind lady taught this to me whilst in Queens MedicalCentre Neurology Unit, lost touch with a compassionate soul, x ps it was 2 years ago too!

  19. Elvis Dsouza

    I can feel butterflies in my stomach when she sings

  20. Elizabeth Stetler

    Another great song, thank you for uploading this song for us to appreciate

  21. Nico Harry

    Ini lagu paling sedih yg pernah gue denger Im sad

  22. Yann Lee


  23. Just4 FUN

    Her voice is so sweet. What a woman. 💗

  24. d. t.

    Joan Baez what a beautiful voice, I curse all the racist that gave you a hard time. You are a beautiful angel sent by God. What a blessed family.

  25. chichi Lam

    Tonight I heard the beautiful song

  26. Chun Tak Lam

    Tonight, I am hearing this song.

  27. RI AN TO

    I still listen watch in year 2019

  28. XxAKM4 _BURNSxX


  29. douaisien moi


  30. Arezki Larbi

    vous en connaissez beaucoup des chanteurs ou chanteuses de maintenant capables de faire aussi bien juste avec une guitare sèche ?Moi pas.

  31. Mohand Laid YANAT

    Beautiful song and long life for joan

  32. Ephraim Sender

    Donna Donna stands for the abbreviation of Ado-nay. The ineffable  Name/ The whole  song is Metaphor of  the Jewish eternal seeking of liberty through all our history


    Epic Voice!

  34. carlos puerta lucia

    que extasis oir esa voz ¡

  35. 초이시

    전 세계 민중이여 진정 자유롭기를!!!

  36. CMPHU아빠츄추밀박하영CMPHU아빠

    사랑이그립다함을말하는여자의마음을아는여자는같은마음으로만나향유할게있는동심을가진시호주님의여자들이니라!/  실시!@@콱,

  37. Andrea Leichardi

    Strong vegan song

  38. Amsterdame De Rotterdame

    @OhWow//We're love you Forever/Peter.Paul.Marry,/Romancetics>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  39. 남이권수

    왜 슬플까?

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