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  1. DMT

    Dr Rhonda “em, like… ya know” Patrick


    Yes! Lethal levels of mercury! Please have a podcast with MADISON STEWART.

  3. Leandro Leyes

    This is why is so important to learn english on latin america

  4. Vincent van Pareren

    Which podcast is he referring to at 27:45? It sounds interesting.

  5. Luke mace

    Just a follow up for anyone watching this, I've attached the link from the National Library of Health on the impact of drinking coffee on intermittent fasting- they determined it was negligible to have it before your first meal. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27810402

  6. Natalie Rodrigues

    smart woman***

  7. Corbin S

    Someone tell Andrew Yang about sulforaphane!

  8. monica Armando


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  9. Heba Elnaiem

    joe. I love you but PLEASE stop speculating about psychiatry. find that amazing psychiatrist your friend loved and ask him/her those questions. Please remember the power your podcast has.

  10. Lorie 9er

    Come again?

  11. Jamie Hendrix

    So I guess the mistake Dr. Sebi made when he started saying this in the 80s is he didn't preface it with, "Studies have shown…" 🤷🤔👍& he oversimplified it by just saying eat electrified foods & listing those foods that will heal. Hmmm

  12. Kat Blue

    2:56 ish- what about eating mustard GREENS rather than putting mustard powder on kale and things? I'd be interested in seeing whether mustard greens produce the same effects.

  13. Leona Swift

    Is there a podcast version to this?

  14. Marko Lekic

    Everyone in the comments talking about how positively the Dr. Rhonda Patrick episodes have impacted their lives. Well, in my case, I find them to be the episodes that Joe is most chill and laid-back for, so I put them on when I go to sleep because as much as I love Joey Diaz yelling in my ear all day long it's not the best for sleep 💤

  15. David James

    2:27:27 This changed my life. One year later I am down from 247 to 178 lbs now.

  16. Hershy Fishman

    1:06:38 It's called anhedonia

  17. kroyford


  18. Nate Moody

    Where do you keep your knife if your not running then Rogan?

  19. Paul SECHBK7

    Lost my mum 2 weeks ago at the hands of a monster, beat her to death. I took it bad, been drinking and smoking and the rest of it ever since I found out non stop. Just watched this and I’ve decided to go fucking get it. Running shoes on, let’s go _ great podcast JRE. Time to live my life and get healthy. No more self destruct!!

  20. Rowan B

    These two want to fuck so bad

  21. Bear Gryllz

    1:55:15 You're the best Rhonda!

  22. sacr3d g6om9try

    damn shes pretty

  23. Zachary Rodrigues

    She’s one of my favorite guests on the podcast but she really missed the mark with the depression topic. If people could run 6 miles a week to improve their depression they would, they don’t BECAUSE they’re depressed

  24. RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog)

    Rogen. Takes hgh and testosterone injections. Those drugs make you want to exercise and you get high when the test and hgh is burning up in blood . They are messenger molecules.
    If you ot high on those drugs you are excitable. Then he smokes 1 lb. Of ccx weed everyday. To sleep. Plus he has to immerse in a water tank.
    No thanks.
    But he has a billion dollars in the bank and has really no health issue except baldness so I guess. Whatever.

  25. rondovk

    Joe 'grunt and sweat' Rogan

  26. BKDDY

    2:35:00 She's wrong about this.
    Guess she didn't read the studys.

    Kind of makes everything else she said irrelevant.

  27. Jack Dickinson

    Help me understand this,… Everyone is concerned about overpopulation, yet this entire podcast is about extending everyones life expectancy…ironic?

  28. Jack Dickinson

    She should do a srudy to see if all these healh foods causes obsession. Because she is definatly showing symptoms.

  29. Jack Dickinson

    anybody count how many times she said the word sulpheraphane? DANN!!!!

  30. jekub loogwet

    lmao! i was sick and tried the garlic thing, which i had done previously while cooking, and instantly threw up

  31. Proctor

    Joe "so people…" Rogan

  32. Jim Kane

    I am 68 years old. I can not run 6 miles a day. Hello.

  33. scott little

    With regards to working night shifts (18:0006:00), what would be the best eating window? I know trying to force the body to be nocturnal disrupts alot of body systems, just wondering what I can do to minimize it, thanks.

  34. stizan24

    In my weightloss journey I did lots of cardio, I did a couple beachbody programs, and I felt fantastic after. I would go into work all happy and shit. Then I stopped. Now I'm stressed. I'm not gaining weight, but I'm not loosing fat either. I started intermitant fasting and I'm getting stronger lol

  35. Robert J Robicheau

    She is great to listen to and learn. If everyone ate a great diet and did the proper amount of exercise it would kill the economy. So much of our countries economy is based on crap food, computers, tv, movies, driving, and phones are all sit down stuff. Illnesses from those activities fuel a huge medical and pharma business. Crap food employs millions. Humans know the deal of health. Just look around where you live and see how many do the work and how many just feed the system.

  36. Jim Kane

    I love this woman.

  37. Vanilla Gorilla Adventures

    I would smash her

  38. fletcher Liu

    The podcast can use dedicated captions

  39. kylee yvette

    i would love to hear her talk about ADHD and ADD medications. I'm terrified schools are going to try and make me medicate my children. Even if they have ADHD I would rather them not take medication and learn how to live with it in a healthy way and use it to an advantage. Which I know sounds like dreamland, I just think the medication is at least over prescribed to people

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