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  1. Wes Moody

    Redban looks like fat Jim Morrison.

  2. Simply The Best

    If you smoke at all you’re ruining your body. Even the most superb athlete ruins their quality of life with cigarettes

  3. Eye Gee

    A jacked Redban would be hilarious.

  4. L. M.

    Do people think Redban is funny tho?

  5. Constructive Cuntery

    Lmao, Joe's trying to make all his friends like him. You should leave them alone.

  6. 33Ddg209Ret7

    Next time the doctor tells me I need to lose weight I going to tell them "WHAT? You want me to look like I have AIDS or something?"

  7. Steve BB

    One day, joe will die too.


    I miss redban . OG JRE 😞

  9. FatGeekProduction

    Lol at Joe talking about giant heads. His head looks like a red shiny boudler that threatens to crush a city down the hill.

  10. First Last

    Seeing these two in the nasa suits I remember when they got sent em

  11. Vance Hockaday

    I’ve always thought David Goggins’ head was way too big for his skinny body now. So it makes sense now! Who agrees?

  12. Mr. Feeny

    Next month you twink!

  13. D C

    Homie hella fat

  14. dbzwwe56

    isnt it Sober October? Joe looks blazed asf

  15. Spiritthoughts

    Redban you looked great, get healthy bro!

  16. RAH !

    Nutritionist YES, trainer, fuck no. Very, very, very hard to put on muscle WHILE losing weight. Lose the weight FIRST!

  17. Mr. Wolf

    Get that asshole looked at bruh

  18. Nick

    Is Joe's head getting bigger? 🤯

  19. Black Bellamy

    I'm astonished that Redban has survived this long. It should give us all hope.

  20. LeeTravius Mckay

    Joe "their head gets bigger" Rogan

  21. A Ali

    What the fucks with the orange jump suits… is this a shout out to Guantanamo? Nice to see the OG back

  22. n0takungfufr0g !

    Dude, check out the youtude channel mindsmash. When you said May im thinking Jared Cannoneir, he weighed in at 268 one time. Now he is fighting at 185 and busting folks.

  23. LeeTravius Mckay

    Joe "you're a handsome man" Rogan

  24. Mike

    Redban and Rogan have always been my favorite podcast duo

  25. Guy

    Lmao this guy is a huge faggot. Remember when he cried after Trump was elected?

  26. Eddie Suarez

    Joe "my fuckin head looked too big" Rogan

  27. Dirty Merlin

    DO IT NOW!
    Today is tomorrow's yesterday.

  28. Irish Eddie

    Remember redban left a camera in a girls bathroom n got caught

  29. Allan Cooney

    Joe tryna replace Ari eventually for sober October since he fuckin roofied Bert with molly.

  30. Adam Stone

    Intermittent fasting got my weight down with no real effort at all.

  31. Guts

    1:00 Exactly what I think. Some people who achieve a substantial weight loss, look more unhealthy than they did when they were heavier.

    That dude who plays Billy Bob from Varsity Blues comes to mind. Can't remember if he looked worse skinny, but I'm willing to bet that losing all of the weight like he did is what contributed to his death.

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