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  1. MinimalEffort

    Thanks for watching! A synchronized score of John Adams' controversial second opera "The Death of Klinghoffer" is now also underway:

    Edit: I have also decided to redo this entire series with a better sounding recording (and hopefully with the few missing pages included this time). Subscribe to keep updated!

  2. eecel

    The missing pages… how? why?

  3. Michael LaViola

    Man English really isn't suited for this kind of music, especially when the bass starts singing a lot, I just find it comedic next to the um-pa um-pa of the winds

  4. Giselle Eastman

    "Smoooooooooooooooooooooother than usual, I guess" this part always makes me lol. Also, incredible piece. I really connect with JA's music.

  5. Josélina Aygretto

    l think I have only ever liked operas when I have a reduced score with me lol

  6. Michele Deiana

    I love the choir at 6:35!

  7. Charlie Barker

    where did you find the score from??

  8. Timothy Costorf

    Best American Opera of the last 60 years

  9. Roger Filmyer

    "The People Are The Heroes Now" is at 6:33

  10. Bruno Costa - Composer

    The best opera!


    WWhat did you think about tthe Vietnam War documentary? What do think about Nixon?


    my friend/housemate whas the fuss about mayo? So I needed to take her to see Koyaansquatsi several times

  13. Ibraheem Khan

    Mao: We no longer need Confucius. Let him rot.

  14. relike868p

    Thx for uploading, except several pages are missing

  15. deepfugue

    Probably nixon thought these very things. It's a sympathetic portrayal.

  16. bazdesh

    now that was something unexpected.
    mindblowing piece

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