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  1. guitarrasara

    My partner was employed with whole foods for over 3 years as a buyer.  What John Mackey says in this video sounds nice, but you have to understand that this is not reality for 99% of Whole Foods employees.  Whole Foods does provide incentives to be healthy such as increased store discounts which my partner took advantage of.  The low wages this company pays its employees makes the healthcare options offered simply unaffordable and unrealistic.  This video simply doesn't represent reality – lets here from employees and see what they have to say.  This is a marketing video, not a video about healthcare.

  2. Michael L

    I wouldn't give all the credit Dr. John McDougall in regards to the creation, no offense to him, his work is amazing. Similar types of company health care emergence was done with all sorts of coalitions, like church groups, of course it wasn't as good as idea in the end because church goers aren't exactly the healthiest people.
    Unfortunately some forms of these contracts given to the "bad" companies out there can use it as means to pay employees differently and provide different benefits on the basis of the employee's own person health and their health habits, which is highly evasive of our personal right of privacy.  
    On the other hand, Whole Foods is doing it for the right reason.

  3. Pete Johnstone

    At the Whole Foods stores around here, I can't help but notice that many of the employes are constantly gaining weight.  This high carb, low fat thing is clearly not working for them.  They are clearly suffering from Metabolic Syndrome and they seem frustrated.

    I did see Nom Nom Paleo displays and books in these stores recently.  That's a step in the right direction.  I hope to see Dr. Permutter's 'Grain Brain' in these stores as well.

  4. Plant Based Analyst

    It's great they are doing a plant based diet and care for their at risk employees. No doubt about that. However, I cannot help but notice that Whole Foods sells animal products and junk food (all organic and grass fed of course) to their customers. Selling foods that make people sick is very unethical. Go into any Whole Foods store and you will see the very poison that Mr. Mackey is referring to in this video for sale on the shelves. 

  5. chiyo chiyoo

    Hi, can u do a video about herpes? It said that high lysine low arginine diet mighy help the symptoms.. but a lot of vegan food (especially strach) are high in arginine.. thankyou

  6. thebraininsideahead

    i think all these videos are a bunch of industry tactics just by the white hats deceptive and munipulative none snse thenn they gmo the food in a way where iwithout the gmo plant diets dont do nothing.

  7. Lara Skye Baddour

    Love Whole Foods. Too bad it's too expensive though.  What will it take for Whole Foods to be less expensive?

  8. valnaples

    I LIKE the idea of incentives for good health…geez, my health insurance premiums at work go up just about every other year…and I KNOW damn well that I'm paying for co-workers who are eating irresponsibly, never exercising, and smoking and having medical events because of those things! 

  9. Katherine 1

    @ Dr. McDougall (or anyone who know the answer)… Will eating this way regulate hormones, neurotransmitters, low thyroid, & estrogen dominance?

    Thanks for your help!!

  10. Tudor Alex


  11. Catwoman501

    Basically a good message and I love John McDougal.  However, I think this is Mackey's attempt to squash his comments about the Affordable Care Act and fascism. 

  12. Vernida Brown

    Thank you John for sharing!!! The video is right on!

  13. Vegan mit Rohe Energie

    THIS is a great co-ceo! 🙂

  14. ftwbk

    Mackey is the man!

  15. Bri Smart

    What an inspiration!! Great idea, concept, and company!!

  16. iwasborntobefly

    i worked at a health care company that invested in an incentive-based wellness program – if you did x amount of exercise or lost x amount of weight, you'd earn rewards points and eventually prizes. i thought it was a colossal waste of money. this sounds like a nice program that gets the intended results without pandering to the wrong impulses.  i've seen many overweight employees at whole foods stores across the country. good they have this as a resource.

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