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  1. Carnage 01samuele

    The message of this video arrived when i was at the cinema at looking JOKER

  2. stone spicher

    I have to admit, the long hair came in handy this time in his live video

  3. 임종우

    This song is beautiful

  4. Eamonn Kent

    This is really good. Wonderful work.

  5. ChrisPyNugget

    i watched the movie and its so sad

  6. FireCracker Hermanowicz

    Joker was the best movie so far I’ve seen so far


    this would be on the movie end credits

  8. Mr. Tiger

    Better save this before its gone

  9. OwlytheBird 75

    Can you guys play "Ark survival" at the jt ging and BTW the song is Beatiful

  10. Alexander Clark

    this song explaynds how I survive 6th grade

  11. mr creamy

    I enjoy the musical broadway feel

  12. Slasher teens


  13. MrSteal YourMeme

    "Society is gay"

    -Ragamole 2019

  14. Damon Toews

    Song is like the movie, waste of time

  15. Perry James

    Congrats on the 3 mill mark jt

  16. David Meier

    I didn't realize he could sing.

  17. LTK_ DarkAngel

    Who here loved the move i fucking did!! Any one else?

  18. Tommy Lunita

    Magic maravilloso

  19. M H-s


  20. ViciousKisses


  21. Oscar Lagerwall

    very different, I love it!

  22. Andrew Mathewson

    As great as the movie itself.

  23. Young Mello

    U working wit Disney

  24. Mia Kittler

    I thought that somewhere in the song he’d “break” and the music would become really dark and strong around the part where there was a weird pause when he said you should never hold in a smile… oh well 😂

  25. Not Salt

    The lyrics

    Mama never taught me how to smile
    But trust me, it was not for lack of tryin'
    So instead I'm thinkin' I will
    Cut my chances and have a crack at cryin'

    My father told me I was not a fighter
    And all my life has led me to believe it
    So just, slap on a mask and you'll happily pass
    Because sadness don't exist if no one sees it

    But the lines on my face are cutting deeper
    As these tearful rivers run them over
    See, I've always had disdain for the face in my mirror
    Getting worse as I grow older

    So I
    Force some laughter
    And fake a smile
    When I feel the tears are near
    Because I know after
    It may take a while
    But my smile will be ear to ear

    Like the one that I've painted
    A disguise for my sadness
    But I'm sick of charadin'
    Now, try on some madness

    And dance with the devil
    Laugh with the sinners
    Long as you're smiling
    You're always the winner

    Just know that when the world is weeping
    It will likely leave you laughing
    Tell your bad thoughts they ought to be leaving
    Never dwell on any sad thing

    And remember
    Don't you ever

    (Cigarette drop Arthur Fleck style)

    Force your laughter
    Or fake a smile
    'Cause you're nowhere near to tears
    Now wipe off that frown
    'Cause the clowns are in style
    As the crowds
    Start to clear
    Sing it loud
    With me, dear
    We're smiling from ear to ear

    Just try it
    Despite a bad mood
    Behind this mask I am
    Still smiling
    But I don't have to
    I smile because I can

    (Chaos ensues afterwards)

  26. master of despair

    We're all clowns

  27. Mad

    Beautiful and magical, as always 😘

  28. ShadowCat55

    Watched the movie earlier was interesting not what I was expecting but it wasn’t bad in no way could I say it was bad

  29. GodlyPotat0 671

    We need em…
    Gimme Gimme…

  30. Andrew Mihovich

    Don't tell me "jarred" is your happy place. … No, not the videomaker, I don't think so…

    (Points, that said, for the end… in particular. Just, on grounds of some… starting to talk about it, sad image of "performing clown" done right, I guess…?

    Wow, that's not where that sentence was going in my head)

  31. Evin Brown


  32. CC 101

    This song gave me chills. It's really good

  33. Death Princess

    one phrase describes the joker's glory…Who's Laughing Now?

  34. Joe Johnson

    Now maybe it's just me but the music kind of overshadowed the vocals in this. I could hardly understand most of what he sang and some of it sounded too quiet for it to be possible to understand because the music was to loud for his voice. I have to admit this is the first time I've had this problem with JT music.

  35. EllyEzra SIMIN

    this is giving me chrismast vibe

  36. Some One

    Well not the pumped up adrenaline rush songs/raps you normally do but…

    It was inspirational.

  37. Loki.Laufeysdöttr

    Loving the desperate tone here. I kept waiting for a pick up that never comes. On point.

  38. Max Roberson

    New favorite for sure

  39. Jennifer Griffin

    If you smile from ear to ear then how would you smile no offense but nice video don't never stop doing this jtmusic👍👍👍😉😉🦄🦄

  40. Jennifer Griffin

    I love the part where the joker comes in and starts singing nice😉😉😉😉😉😉

  41. Jennifer Griffin

    ok gotta say never seen him done this jtmusic I'm really impressed by that👍👍👍👍👍🦄🦄🦄

  42. Rockit Gaming ULTIMATE


  43. 9inex Vlogz

    Holy Crap Skull Can Sing!!??😃🤘💣

  44. Savage Tomato

    I cannot express how much I love this song, it’s just beautiful, every part of it.

  45. Kamenruto

    I love that they did a song instead of a rap because this is how the joker is portrayed in the movie he is not a monster just a broken man

  46. ihateusernamesgrrr

    JT this was fucking incredible, good job brother. I've no idea how you still pump out such high quality music this many years in

  47. Luke C

    Smokings bad for u

  48. Crypticpel

    The kid who always smiles and suddenly cries then this movie

  49. shootay_YT

    9/10 realy
    would like it if at one part (when he turns into a clown) would turn all crazy and not just all piano

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