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  1. fumbler8

    Absolutely beautiful.

  2. Trevor Lynch

    His new album is called "Orange Man Bad"

  3. Oilcan Boyd

    Over-rated (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)!!!

  4. Dylan Hooper

    we need connan mockasin or puma blue next

  5. Cia. Articularte - Teatro de Bonecos

    Great! Why is everything that comes from the heart stronger or touching? And why does the violin, well played with talent, hurt us inside in any way?

  6. Junior Worley

    Never heard of Josh until the Marcus King family reunion.He and his band were great and were a very pleasant surprise

  7. Simon Mitchell

    Old style protest songs… "You're doing good"

  8. Mike Tuttle


  9. pescator


  10. Tim Filipi

    I don't know much of anything about Josh Ritter – but how amazing do you have to be to have Jason Isbell and Amanda Shires backing you up!

  11. poohbearwhitty

    Josh is great but can we talk about Jason’s sudden hottie transformation?

  12. Sam Enfinger

    you can't watch and stay the same.

  13. Dan Pete

    One of the neatest things to come out of my hometown, Moscow, Idaho. Hi Josh!

  14. Michael Hopping

    We're in that sort of time again. This Tiny set recalls the mid-sixties topical folk ghosts of baby Bob Dylan, Peter La Farge, Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Phil Ochs, Buffy St. Marie, and a host of revered others. Ritter, Isbell, and Shires do the occasion justice. Welcome back. We need you now.

  15. Ben Hancock

    Wow amazing!!!

  16. Mariano Andrade

    Beautiful, Great songs and awesome musicians.-

  17. Raymond Lawson


  18. Chad Bennett

    It is nice to see that art hasn't lost its humanitarian side to Capatalism

  19. Josh Peterson

    Josh Ritter is the best songwriter out there right now, amazing work

  20. eggman615

    Feels like dry swallowing a pill , they'r very good

  21. Mister Pumpkinhead

    I Love music.

  22. Shannon Parks-Beck

    I love the way you are supporting each other! Awesome!!

  23. Brown Paper Bag

    Jackson brown 2.0

  24. BobJJ9999


  25. Christopher Forney

    saw Josh RItter over a decade ago at the State Theater in Northern VA and he stayed around afterwards to sign merch, talk to folks, etc. He struck me as being a genuinely decent person. Obviously a really good musician too!!! Glad to see he's still both.

  26. The Silver Comet

    He has the spirit or inspiration of Bob Dylan in him, it seems…

  27. Jacob Schultz

    Isbell's little guitar breaks are so satisfying, especially in the 3rd song. You guys are complaining that he isn't singing – na, I think he is.

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