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  1. Ashtin Serri

    Great but brings hard stoner vibes

  2. Jared Burnham

    3:02 😂🤣


    2:48 why in Dallas?

  4. Matthew Kearns

    Why is this song actually not that bad?


    1:532:04 is my favorite part.

  6. Peyton Barley

    LOL I was eating chips when this came on like if the same happened to you

  7. Im_brody B

    You need snacks because you need some milk

  8. Logan Storrs

    Someone: No one likes snacks more than me
    Them: hold my snacks
    Them too: I just released a song about snacks

  9. Santiago Reyna

    Justins was fire i love you guys

  10. filip kolevski

    my new fave song

  11. Trick Shots With The Boys

    Must have snacks

  12. Anna-kay Creary

    Omg heck awsome

  13. Crunchycookie Gacha

    Well this is new i wonder how it looks like withoute any music or talking LOL 😂

  14. Superman51007 q


  15. speed demon

    I'm sorry but this music video is trash

  16. Static eazy

    Best song of 2019 yet

  17. [Pachand2's Channel: Vlogs and More!]

    how does not have SANCKS?I do

  18. Zachary Tallett

    This bangs fr

  19. CD THIEF

    Does this cus at all???

  20. Bethany Thomas

    You are so cool 🎼

  21. rares and the narwhals

    WHY So mUcH AuToTuNe

  22. Maria Castro

    They were just lip singing which makes it worse

  23. Draw It' Comics

    new top fav song ever!!!!!!

  24. Maxwell J

    Really funny ha hahaha

  25. fortnite king

    Justin got bars

  26. Suzanne Churney

    Love your videos want to meat you one day I am poor

  27. Tricia Abbott

    who has been a fan before 2019 i have

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