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  1. Justina Angela 1 Angel Eva

    You so beautiful and cute
    😘 😘 😘

  2. Khadizha Emir

    I wait it 😊
    I like your make up💖

  3. Bre Savage

    I did this reaction on my channel I’ll appreciate it if you can check it out❤️

  4. Alice Bae


  5. Emily Gafford

    Lol I swear you are so cute. U had me cracking up when he took of his hoodie like daammmmmnnn 😄

  6. Bittu Dutta

    awesm react love this #Belieber💞🙏

  7. P A N D A official


  8. rashmi pawar

    ❤️❤️love Justin buttt this song sucks I mean come on…….

  9. Matt Stevens

    My fav part of the song is when he calls Hailey a male horse (stallion)

  10. Silas Currier

    Justin is PURE TALENT. Love him so much! <3

  11. bizzle x angel

    the cut out is sending me LMFAOOO

  12. Maurice

    Justin‘s breathing

    Angelina: 😧😭🤯😮🥵😭

  13. Hannah Rebekah

    Literally me when I reacted to it

  14. Jan Liva

    Ur so amazing hahaha

  15. Jan Liva

    Love your videos!!!

    Could you react to a loyal subscribers single called HEAVY HEART by Jan Liva 🙂

    Keep doing great vids girl x

  16. Kevin Eng

    i love ur reaction!

  17. Bikash Gurung

    U look sooo cute🥰🥰🥰

  18. Soph_PL

    I cant stop looking at your nails

  19. NO name


  20. Devansh Semwal

    Seriously I was thinking bout you babe
    Long live ❤️

  21. mo

    Okay but where’s your tank top from doe LFMSOCMKSDK

  22. Agit Akyolofficial

    haha luved this reaction lmaoo! You remind me of me kind of hahaha, subscribed 🙂

  23. Rolandr W

    Hey nice, please support with a subscribe

  24. Sebby Clemens

    YES!! Haha love this!😂😂


    and your makeup is super cute!!💗


    For not really being the biggest fan of his I do enjoy this song. I really like the verses, the chorus I feel like might get annoying listening to it a lot but other than that I do like it. lol I always love your reactions though💞

  27. Leonardo Yukawa

    Looked forward to this video! lol

  28. Ale Ortiz

    this is for what I wait:)

  29. Antra Kandwal


  30. Alex Cesar drawing

    Linda você! Sbeltiful!

  31. RG B


  32. remas banat

    Girl relax 😂 he is maried 😂😂

  33. Sreyasree Porey_077

    Very nice ❤

  34. Sreyasree Porey_077

    She thought he'll post it again so this time she had put on makeup before shooting the video.

  35. RebelliousDee98

    Your makeup look matches the music video omg ❤️

  36. Cristian Dela Cruz

    Ur back yummy girl 😊

  37. Savaş Yakut

    U like it ?

  38. Joe Sanchez

    I waited for this😂❤️

  39. Wendy Waleleng

    From Indonesian
    Follow back Ig Endro Sondakh 🙏

  40. Wendy Waleleng


  41. Raiona Smith


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