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  1. Manju Shiralikar

    Super movie.

  2. BRC TAB

    Fantastic super movie 👍👍🙏🎹🎹

  3. Krishna Krrish

    Raghu Dixit sir super he has given his full 💯 percent great music 🙏🙏

  4. Krishna Krrish

    Fantastic Movie what a story , this is true is called true love , and also the mother sentiment in the film Woww and songs super and the acting of all the actors especially hero and heroine super 😎😎🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤🎇🎊🎁🎉

  5. prashant chalavadi

    I lv uuuuu dixith Sir.. What a liriqs

  6. Kavya M

    Super movie 😍

  7. harush karun

    Super movie


    Super movie

  9. Kiran.c Shivu

    Im gone a psycho for my girl and for her love too much love u chinnu

  10. Nagu Nagu

    Very emotional move heart teaching move supper


    2 songs super


    Super fantastic amezing movee

  13. mayabi aalo

    Can I get this movie in hindi

  14. chandru 5395

    Preetiya Rayabhari. love and sentiment

  15. Praveen Gowda

    I love this movie full sentemates

  16. Mayan sk

    Most underated movie in Kannada , but it is awesome

  17. Official Page

    Shaata tara ide

  18. kumar.g ponnachi

    Grand movie n raghu dixit bro music awesome 👌💐💐

  19. kumar.g ponnachi

    Awesome voice

  20. kirana K kiran

    Ultimate love towards m mother

  21. Thanuja C P

    nice movie and songs are superb

  22. ورد المحيسن

    انه حايه من رنا

  23. Kiran Gowda

    Fab movie

  24. Manoj Manoj

    Masth film all word films in kannada

  25. Sharada A

    Storieless movie

  26. Akash Kharvi

    Super movie

  27. Nagendra S Naga

    ι αм αℓѕσ ρѕу¢нσ ι ℓσνє тнιѕ мσνιє

  28. nanda kumar

    pshych 😍😍😍😍😍

  29. ashok ashok

    Nice intrsting filam

  30. Harsha Sreenath

    songs r beautiful. Movie is nice.

  31. Joce Luis Zapata Mireles

    Estaba viendo videos musicales de panchas psycho y termine Aki :v

  32. Srikanth Shrikanth602

    ammana preethina ondu hudugiya mooolaka padiyona antha e prayathna

  33. Srikanth Shrikanth602

    amma ninandre prana amma

  34. ZiggModder

    there are no psycho family in this wtf i just seach for psycho dad destroy xbox

  35. STROWN

    Il ressemble trop à squeezie

  36. Arina Drawing

    im rush

  37. R studios

    this is not mcjuggernuggets related

  38. Hello


  39. Awesome PS3 Games

    Every time when I write psycho dad

  40. mig pul

    putos putos idiotas no saben cantar

  41. wokejayyy._

    Hey….I'm beginning to think this isn't mcjuggernuggets

  42. GamerFamer1234

    every single time i search mcjuggernuggets this fucking movie pops up like what is this movie have to do with the psycho series

  43. Haddix

    Stop. Coming. Up. When. I. Look. Up. Anything. Related. To. McJuggerNuggets

  44. h

    why rhe fuck does it say "2008" when this wasn't posted in 2008?

  45. Adam Thomson

    everytime when i search mcjuggernuggets

  46. Koopa Troopa Poopa

    This film will always be a search result for McJuggerNuggets…

  47. Robert Hicks


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